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POLAND OH- Adversity is a part of everyone’s journey. We can’t avoid it, or control when it happens. That’s just a lesson that people learn in life.  Of course, not too many athletes have to deal with as much as Poland Senior Brooke Rowe has in her short four year high school career. One knee injury most kids can back from, two knee injuries is a bit harder, but the amount of players that can come back from three is a small number.  That thought is exactly what Brooke has done this season. After going through three separate season ending injuries, Rowe has still made it a point to be on the floor with the teammates that have been a part of her life for so long.  She hasn’t missed a beat either, despite not having a ton of varsity experience under her belt Brooke has made huge impacts on Poland’s success this season.  Her never give up attitude has guided the Bulldogs to their sixth straight NE8 championship.

Brooke credits her faith as the key factor in getting her through the adversity she has faced.  An athlete with strong faith can be like an unmovable mountain.  You might be more talented than Brooke, you might be faster, or stronger, but you will never be rid of her.  She is a motor that will never stop coming at you.  That characteristic has filtered into the entire Poland team.  Despite not having 7 players that all play high level club basketball, or have dreams of playing college basketball, Poland has still managed to be one of the best teams in the area this year. Through all the preseason doubt from the outside, the Bulldogs have embraced Rose’s mentality and have strongly rowed through the rough waters of a basketball season.

Rowe was kind enough to give us some time to talk about her season and journey. She talks with Anthony Hartwig about coming back from her injuries, what it’s been like having success this season, and much more. Check out the latest Poland Girls Basketball Player Profile only on YSN!

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