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CANFIELD, OH-  South Range High School has produced numerous student-athletes over the years, but few have captured the hearts of the community quite like Luke Gehring. As a multi-sport athlete and standout baseball player, Luke has shown remarkable leadership and dedication, not just in athletics but also in his personal growth. Recently, Luke joined DJ Yokley for an in-depth conversation on YSN’s “Player Profile” series, sharing insights that go well beyond the baseball field.

One of the most intriguing aspects of Luke’s journey has been playing alongside his brothers Jake and Will. As the middle child, Luke has had a unique vantage point, witnessing both older and younger sibling dynamics. Reflecting on his high school experience, Luke said, “With Jake, it was nice to have him teach me the ropes and understand the experience of playing high school varsity baseball as a youngster.” He added, “I try to be that for Will because he was our starting catcher last year as a freshman. I still wanted to be there for him because it’s scary.”

Luke’s ability to lead has set him apart, even through challenges such as injuries. His leadership style is deeply influenced by his experiences in scouting, where he achieved the rank of Eagle Scout at just 15 years old. “I just had good leaders growing up and saw what it means to be a true leader versus people that claim to be leaders just because they want to be the head of a franchise or face of a team,” Luke explained. “I’d rather be remembered as a good leader and a great person than a great athlete.”

As DJ inquired about the similarities between this year’s team and the successful 2018 South Range team, Luke pointed out the importance of team chemistry. “I’d like to say, out of the last few years, this is probably the closest-knit team that we’ve had in a while,” he noted. Such cohesion, he believes, is crucial as the team gears up for the playoffs.

One of the lighter moments of the interview came when Luke talked about life at the Goering household, including their unique fascination with baseball gloves and cars. “I bought a Camaro last summer and messed it up as a high school boy would with a manual muscle car,” he laughed. Luke’s dream car? “A 1969 Plymouth Superbird with the fins, you know, from the movie ‘Cars.’”

As Luke approaches graduation, he’s already thinking about the legacy he wants to leave behind. “I want people to remember me not just as an athlete but for everything else I’ve done,” he said. “I’d rather them remember the lives that I’ve touched and the kids that I want to succeed because I want those younger kids to succeed. I want to set an example so that when they’re seniors, they can do the same thing.”
Luke Gehring’s story is a testament to the power of perseverance, leadership, and community. As he prepares for the next chapter of his life, one can’t help but feel optimistic about his future.

For now, South Range fans will savor every moment they get to see this exceptional young man in action, both on and off the field.



SALEM, OH-  In the latest episode of the YSN Player Profile podcast, we had the distinct pleasure of profiling an incredible young talent who has captivated our attention for the past four years: Carson Rhodes. As a standout baseball player for the Salem Quakers, Carson’s journey is a beacon of dedication, hard work, and leadership. We chased Carson, humorously noted by host DJ Yokley, “like the dragon,” and finally captured his thoughts as he prepares to transition to collegiate baseball at Virginia Tech.

Carson Rhodes has had his share of ups and downs throughout his high school baseball career. Reflecting on the team’s performance, Carson described the extraordinary transformation from a rocky regular season to a strong playoff run in 2023.

“During the season, we were very inexperienced, [with] a lot of young guys,” Carson explained. “So, me and a couple of other senior guys really tried to rally around and get the guys to learn the game.”
The team’s perseverance paid off, significantly improving their defense, which Carson acknowledged as a pivotal factor in their playoff success. “In the tournament, it’s been crazy how much different our defense has gotten…everybody had to step up and make plays. And right now, we’re making plays at the perfect time.”

Carson, along with teammate Lance Bailey, has been instrumental in guiding younger players through the trials and tribulations of high school baseball. Recounting his experiences, Carson praised the camaraderie and mentorship crucial in fostering a winning environment.
“Watching even for me, just watching [my brother] Lane lead that team the way he did and those senior guys…watching those guys lead us the way they did…we knew how to make it that far. And to make it that far, you have to have leaders.”

Facing immense pressure is something Carson has learned to handle with grace. Given his early commitment to Virginia Tech, opponents often saw pitching against Carson as a challenge they wanted to conquer, adding another layer of intensity to each game he played.
“Every team is so fired up every time I pitch…I’ve learned to kind of block that out, take a couple of deep breaths between every pitch…just other teams love it when I don’t succeed against them, I guess.”

As for his future, Carson couldn’t be more eager to step onto the collegiate stage with the Hokies. With a new pitching lab and a robust program awaiting him, his goals are clear: to outwork everyone and make an immediate impact.
“I want to get down there on the right foot…I want to be a guy that goes in there, works hard, and hopefully get some innings as a freshman.

Finally, Carson highlighted the values instilled in him by his family, which will continue to guide him as he moves forward.
“Everybody in my family is just a hard worker, and they’re always determined. If they have something on their plate, they’re going to get it done.”

With immense talent and an unwavering drive, Carson Rhodes’ future looks incredibly bright. Here’s to his next chapter at Virginia Tech and beyond.




SALEM, OH- Monday’s matchup at Salem was a nail-biter, finishing with the Quakers snagging a last-gasp 2-1 win over the Kent Roosevelt Rough Riders. The drama peaked in the bottom of the seventh when Cyle Burt laced a double to bring in the game-winning run.

Pitching ruled the day as both squads put up impressive numbers on the mound. Salem’s pitchers combined for nine strikeouts, while Kent Roosevelt’s crew tallied six.

The Quakers first lit up the scoreboard in the fourth inning with Colin Riesen driving in a run. However, a defensive slip by Salem in the sixth allowed the Rough Riders to even the score.

Carson Rhodes was clutch for Salem, tossing a complete game with nine Ks, allowing just one unearned run on one hit. On the flip side, Tristyn Page battled hard for Kent Roosevelt, scattering nine hits over more than six innings and striking out six.

Salem’s bats were active, with Rhodes leading the charge with three hits. Riesen and Burt each knocked in a run, proving pivotal in the lineup. Troy Gibson also had a solid day at the plate with a couple of hits.

For the Rough Riders, Jack Smith put up a hit in his three trips to the plate, while Scottie Spears showcased his wheels, swiping three bases as part of Kent Roosevelt’s six-steal effort. 


SALEM, OH- The Youth Movement is among us. Leading the charge in the area on the diamond is a freshly minted 16-year-old who is less concerned about driving a car, and more interested about driving in runs, and torching his 94-mile-per-hour fastball past opposing hitters.

Carson Rhodes burst on the scene last year, and in his freshman campaign, showcased one of the liveliest arms, and personalities this area has seen in some time. Last year, he was able to learn the ropes from a great class of seniors, and get in wherever was needed for the Quaker 9. In 2022,

Rhodes has been looked to for leadership, and to fill many roles for Salem- a role that has developed into quite the winning streak for the Quakers in April. YSN’s DJ Yokley had the chance to catch up with the sophomore standout on this week’s Salem Player Profile: RHODES OPEN DURING CONSTRUCTION.



SALEM OH- After a whirlwind of a freshman season, incoming Salem class of 2024 Carson Rhodes has committed to Virginia Tech to continue his athletic and academic career. He says the Hokies were the program that believed in him from the beginning and their faith made this an easy decision. Carson can now complete his career at Salem without a care in the world concerning his recruitment. He may need to change his walk up song to “Enter Sandman” by Metalica to get ready for life in Blacksburg.

Carson finished the 2020 season with 36.0 IP, and striking out 41 hitters. His final ERA was 4.66, His record on the bump was 5-2. He knows the work doesn’t stop just because he made the commitment. Carson is ready to put his work ethic into overdrive to get his team as far as possible. When asked what his goals were now in high school he simply replied with “Win a state championship.” It would certainly be a feather in the young man’s cap.

Carson took the time to talk about his decision to commit to Virginia Tech on YSN’s Running Point. Here from the future Hokie himself in this exclusive interview with Carson Rhodes, only on YSN.


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