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BOARDMAN OH- Ten seniors dawn the Boardman softball field, and each brings their own unique leadership capabilities. When it comes to keeping the Spartans loose on the field, it is Cassidy Bryan.

Cassidy Bryan does an excellent job at not riding the roller coaster that the sport of softball can easily bring. When asked which teammate can make them laugh, crack a joke, and keep everyone light hearted. However, don’t let her loose nature distract you from just how good of a player Cassidy Bryan is. She sits as a staple in the middle of the lineup. When you have hitters like Maddie Lester, and Jenna Olexa on your team, and you’re still sitting in the clean up spot, you got something going for yourself.

Bryan is currently hitting.371 with an on base percentage of .436.  She has 9 RBI on 1 HR. She hit that home run in a game against Massillon Jackson which was the first home run she had ever hit. Talk about a moment to remember during your senior year of high school!

Cassidy took the time to come on to YSN’s Running Point to talk about her senior season, and give us a glimpse into the Spartans program. She talks with Anthony Hartwig and Ty Bartell about going through everything for the last time, keeping the team loose, and much more. Don’t miss the latest Boardman softball player profile.

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