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BOARDMAN, OH-  In today’s episode, titled “Boardman Player Profile: Gina Sferra,” we delve into the life of senior Gina Sferra, one of the remarkable cheerleaders at Boardman High School.

Join DJ Yokley as he interviews Gina about the importance of cheerleading, raising money for crucial causes, and the impact she hopes to make in the future. Learn about the influence of her family, her aspirations in the nursing field, and the challenges she faces in staying true to herself amidst the pressures of social media. Discover how Gina’s strong character and leadership skills have left a lasting legacy at Boardman High.

Stay tuned for more insightful interviews with Gina’s cheerleader teammates. Get ready for an inspiring and uplifting episode on YSN!




CAMPBELL, OH – Arianna Gonzalez and Rayona Floyd-Brown are rising stars in the world of cheerleading, both embarking on their journey as freshman members of the Campbell Memorial cheerleading squad. Both ladies share an innate passion for athleticism and a flair for the spirited, Arianna and Rayona quickly made their presence known on the squad. Arianna, with her personality and boundless energy, brings an infectious enthusiasm to every game and event. Her dedication to perfecting her routines and uplifting her teammates has made her an essential part of the squad’s success. On the other hand, Rayona’s grace and precision are nothing short of extraordinary. Her commitment to training and her ability to inspire confidence in her fellow cheerleaders has earned her the admiration and respect of the entire squad. Together, Arianna Gonzalez and Rayona Floyd-Brown are the embodiment of teamwork, spirit, and talent, setting the bar high for what’s to come in their promising cheerleading careers at Campbell Memorial.



CAMPBELL, OH – Autumn Shuger and Kendall Brunn, two dynamic and spirited members of the Campbell Memorial Lady Red Devil cheerleading squad, have left an indelible mark on their school’s cheerleading program. Autumn, with her boundless energy and infectious enthusiasm, has been a driving force behind the team’s energy each week. From her very first day as a Lady Red Devil cheerleader, Autumn displayed an unwavering commitment to excellence. Her dedication to perfecting every routine has inspired her fellow teammates. Kendall Brunn, the other half of this dynamic duo, complements Autumn’s excitement with her calm and composed demeanor. Kendall’s journey as a Lady Red Devil cheerleader has been marked by her exceptional precision and attention to detail. Autumn and Kendall’s charisma and unwavering positivity have made them beloved figures within the school and community. Together, they embody the spirit of teamwork, resilience, and passion, setting the bar high for this year’s squad.



CAMPBELL, OH – The Campbell Memorial Red Devils cheer squad takes pride in themselves always being able to get the crowd going on Friday nights during the football games. The squad has multiple cheers that are fan favorites where everyone gets involved and makes the atmosphere very tough for opposing teams to play in. Two of the young ladies that are always out there making noise and bringing the energy are Angelis Espada and Ramani Adams.

YSN’s own, Steve Leslie, was able to sit down with Angelis and Ramani this week at Tavern 26 to talk about what makes being a cheerleader at Campbell Memorial so special, what some of their favorite moments and memories are from cheerleading, a rapid fire questionnaire where we get to learn more about what makes them the people they are today, and so much more!

Check out this exclusive, dual player profiles, with Campbell Memorial Red Devils cheerleaders, Angelis Espada and Ramani Adams on YSNLive!



CAMPBELL, OH – When you become a member of the Campbell Memorial Lady Red Devils cheer squad, a lot of pride and expectations come with it! Two young ladies, Daeja Marshall and Zy’oniah Crenshaw embody that spirit the most! This duo has been able to be a part of countless exciting moments throughout their careers whether its on the football field or the hardwood, these two have made memories that will last a lifetime but are not ready to be done just yet!

YSN’s own Steve Leslie, had the opportunity to sit down with Daeja and Zy’oniah at Tavern 26 this week in a very special dual player profile for cheerleading! The ladies discuss just how much fun it is to be a cheerleader at Campbell Memorial, their favorite parts of game days, some of their favorite memories, and so much more!

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NEW MIDDLETOWN, OH – The Springfield Lady Tigers cheer squad has been known to bring the energy at all Springfield Tigers sporting events every single week! This squad not only takes care of the fans in the stands but they are also taking care of themselves in the classroom as they are always top notch students. This cheer squad leans on each other to be there when they need it most and this squad is led by two outstanding senior student-athletes in Macey Isaacson and Paige Blinsky. Macey and Paige are both two year letter winners for the Lady Tigers cheer program.

YSN’s own Steve Leslie was able to sit down with both Macey and Paige this week at the Tigers Table to talk about their journey at Springfield, what it means to them to be a Tiger, what their plans are for after high school, how they want this football season to go for the team, and so much more!

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NEW MIDDLETOWN, OH – The Springfield Lady Tigers cheer squad has been a staple of excitement at all Tigers sporting events for quite some time and this year’s squad looks to be one that everyone remembers for a long time! The success within the program can be credited to an outstanding advisor, Melissa Richardson, who’s leadership has been top notch not only on the field or hardwood but also within the classroom.

YSN’s own Steve Leslie was joined by Coach Richardson at the Tigers Table this week to discuss her journey to being the leader of the Springfield Lady Tigers cheer squad, what she expects from her squad every week, what it means to be back at Springfield the school she graduated from in 1997, how her experience in cheerleading ties into her coaching philosophies, and so much more!

Check out this week’s very special Springfield Lady Tigers cheerleading coach’s corner with head coach Melissa Richardson!



YOUNGSTOWN, OH – Friday nights in Northeast Ohio mean a lot to communities for a lot of different reasons, but the football teams get most of the shine. The Ursuline Irish cheerleaders have become just as big of a part of Friday nights as the football team itself, and Cheerleading advisor Liz Kelly has done a phenomenal job leading the way for this squad.

The Ursuline Football team has been known for much of this season with how explosive of an offense they have, but the defense for this year’s team has been equally as impressive. The Irish come into this week’s matchup with rival Cardinal Mooney after giving up a combined eight points in their last two matchups against VASJ and Youngstown East combined. Defensive Coordinator, Ryan Kelly, an Ursuline Football alum, knows just how important this week’s matchup with Cardinal Mooney is.

In this week’s coaches’ corner, Liz Kelly talks about the time that has to be put into every week during the season, what she enjoys the most about coaching the cheerleaders, Ryan talked about what to look forward to on Friday night, some of the standouts on this year’s team, and more!

* Contributed by Anthony Romo *




YOUNGSTOWN, OH – A lot of pride comes with being a cheerleader for the Ursuline Irish, and Gabby Howe and Olivia Perline fully embody that. The duo has been able to be a part of a lot of fun moments cheering on the Irish on the gridiron over the past few years and have made a lot of memories along the way. They hope to create many more over the next few months as Ursuline looks to get back to a position they were in last year, the state championship game, and win that final game in Week 16 this time around. Howe and Perline help a squad that hypes up the Irish support system and help guide them on their way to victory.

In this week’s Cheerleading Profile, Gabby and Olivia discuss just how much fun it is to be a cheerleader at Ursuline, their favorite parts of gamedays, some of their favorite memories, and much more!

* Contributed by Anthony Romo *




* Contributed by Anthony Romo *

YOUNGSTOWN, OH – A lot of school pride is displayed on Friday nights at Stambaugh Stadium when the Ursuline Fighting Irish are battling under the bright lights. The cheerleaders for the Irish lead the way on the sidelines with chants as the loud student section recites them for the crowd to hear. Seniors Ashley Fabry and Hannah Zetts are two of the many cheerleaders who help lead the way for the Irish fans under the Friday Night Lights. Steve Leslie caught up with Fabry and Zetts for our weekly Ursuline Cheerleading Profile at the Golden Dawn to hear what it’s like to be a cheerleader for Ursuline, the school pride that so many share, favorite memories from their time dawning the Green and Gold, and much more!