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WARREN, OH- Adversity is defined as a set of difficulties or misfortune.  For Warren JFK Senior Quarterback, Christian Marantis, he’s taken that definition- and turned it upside down.

The senior slinger for the Eagles has battled through injury this year to make his way back onto the field and now intends on staying on it for another week- or five.  A young man that can’t help but smile for what he’s been through is as humble as they come.  He’s put the work in, and now he wants to cash in for the reward of the efforts for his team.

Though his rehab, hard-work, and determination will get him along, he knows it’ll take more to get him where he wants to go.  After all: the answer is right in his name.

The Eagles are in the playoffs for the fifth straight year, and Marantis has been a strong part of each of those seasons, but he knows there’s more to life than football.  We caught up with Christian in this week’s Warren JFK Player Profile: THE PRAYING MARANTIS.