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NEW MIDDLETOWN, OH – The Springfield Tigers have been led by a senior class that has true leaders all across the board and no one encapsulates what a leader is all about, better than Coleson Kertesz. Coleson has been able to lead the Tigers to a state finals appearance last season and now he is hungry for more! This season the Tigers are 6-0 as they head into the playoffs as they look to win it all this season!

Coleson’s leadership is a special kind because he is always the first to give credit to his teammates before he claims anything as himself. When asked what makes him the player that he is, his response is always a team first mentality. Kertesz’s playing style is identical to that as well, as he is one to get everyone ready to go and give it their all every single play, just like he does.

YSN’s own, Steve Leslie, had the opportunity to sit down with Coleson Kertesz via video chat to talk about the current football season, what his goals are for the playoffs as well as what the Tigers goals are, what he wants to do after high school, and a rapid fire question session to learn some of the things that not many people know about Coleson, and much much more!

Check out this exclusive interview with Springfield Tigers senior, Coleson Kertesz!