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HANOVERTON OH- In a thrilling showdown on Tuesday night, the United High School basketball team faced a formidable challenge as they hosted Crestview. With both teams vying for supremacy, the stage was set for an intense battle on the hardwood. In the end, it was United who emerged victorious, protecting their home court with a hard-fought 64-56 win over Crestview.

Leading the charge for United was Jason Pratt, whose stellar performance saw him rack up an impressive 20 points, showcasing his scoring prowess and leadership on the court. Pratt was well-supported by Beau Eichler, who contributed 15 points, and Luke Courtney, who added 14 points to bolster United’s offensive attack.

Crestview put up a valiant fight, with Justin McKee leading the scoring effort with 16 points, followed closely by Jameson English with 14 points and Jonathan Best with 13 points. Despite their best efforts, Crestview ultimately fell short against a determined United squad.

With this crucial win, United improves their record to 9-13 as they now turn their attention to tournament play. Their next challenge will be against Brookfield at home as they look to make a splash in postseason action.

Meanwhile, Crestview concludes their regular season with a record of 7-14, with their sights set on finishing strong as they host Liberty on Thursday.

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COLUMBIANA OH- Stepping onto the varsity stage as a freshman can be a daunting challenge for any athlete, but for Kerrigan Miller of Crestview High School, it’s been nothing short of a seamless transition. From the moment she donned the Crestview jersey, Kerrigan has proven herself to be a force to be reckoned with, showcasing maturity and skill beyond her years.

One of the most remarkable aspects of Kerrigan’s freshman campaign has been her unflappable demeanor. Despite the pressure and expectations that come with competing at the varsity level, Kerrigan has remained composed and focused, never letting the moment overwhelm her. Her ability to stay poised under pressure has been a key factor in her success on the court.

As the season has progressed, Kerrigan has only continued to grow in confidence. With each game, she has displayed a growing belief in her abilities, leading to standout performances and clutch plays when her team needed them most. Her rapid development and unwavering self-assurance have been a testament to her work ethic and dedication to the game.

For Kerrigan, being part of Crestview’s undefeated 22-0 season has been a dream come true. To experience such success in her first year of high school basketball is an unforgettable experience, one that has fueled her passion for the game and motivated her to strive for even greater achievements in the future.

The support Kerrigan has received from her teammates, coaches, and the community has been instrumental in her success. Their encouragement and belief in her abilities have helped her stay focused and locked in, even during the most challenging moments of the season. Kerrigan’s ability to handle the ball with confidence and precision in the face of speed and pressure on the varsity level has been nothing short of impressive. Her poise and composure under duress have been a valuable asset to Crestview’s success this season.

Looking ahead, the future is undeniably bright for Kerrigan Miller and the Crestview girls’ basketball program. With three more seasons ahead of her, Kerrigan has the potential to leave a lasting legacy at Crestview, setting the stage for continued success and championships in the years to come. As she continues to hone her skills and refine her game, there’s no telling how far Kerrigan can go in her basketball journey. One thing is for certain – she’s a name to remember in the world of high school basketball.

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EAST PALESTINE, OH- Based on the RPI rankings, here’s the ranking of the girls’ high school basketball teams along with their RPI scores:

1. Crestview (Columbiana) – 0.68119

2. Badger (Kinsman) – 0.648771

3. Edgewood (Ashtabula) – 0.694629

4. West Branch (Beloit) – 0.688583
5. Boardman (Youngstown) – 0.672539
6. Mineral Ridge – 0.63779
7. Howland (Warren) – 0.633738
8. Canfield – 0.61737
9. Columbiana – 0.624582
10. John F. Kennedy Catholic (Warren) – 0.626647
11. LaBrae (Leavittsburg) – 0.602654
12. Grand Valley (Orwell) – 0.600121
13. Springfield (New Middletown) – 0.595854
14. Southern (Salineville) – 0.565383
15. Austintown-Fitch (Youngstown) – 0.606227
16. Champion (Warren) – 0.605771
17. Poland Seminary (Poland) – 0.556943
18. Girard – 0.537074
19. East Liverpool – 0.535219
20. East (Youngstown) – 0.48047
21. Ursuline (Youngstown) – 0.53533
22. Western Reserve (Berlin Center) – 0.539171
23. Jefferson Area (Jefferson) – 0.519706
24. South Range (Canfield) – 0.485101
25. Edison (Richmond) – 0.447779

Teams on the bubble:
– Archbishop Hoban (Akron)
– Lakeside (Ashtabula)
– Chaney (Youngstown)
– Cardinal Mooney (Youngstown)
– Pymatuning Valley (Andover)

These teams on the bubble show promise and potential to impact the rankings further as the season progresses. Their performance in upcoming games will determine their final standings and influence the competitive landscape of girls’ high school basketball. Keep an eye on these teams as they strive to secure their positions and make their mark in the league.


In a historic regular season finale, Crestview made program history by finishing undefeated for the first time ever, with a stellar 22-0 record. The Rebels sealed their remarkable achievement with a commanding 64-33 road victory over LaBrae.

Leading the charge for Crestview was Addison Rhodes, who delivered a standout performance with 27 points, supported by Luvrain Gaskins contributing 18 points and Emily Downey adding 8 points to the winning effort.

Despite a spirited effort from LaBrae, with Ella Kuszmaul scoring 11 points, they couldn’t overcome Crestview’s dominance.

Now, Crestview (22-0) eagerly awaits the start of tournament play on February 21st, where they will face off against Andrew’s Osborne Academy. The Rebels enter the postseason with momentum and confidence, poised to make a deep run.

On the other hand, LaBrae (16-4) looks to fine-tune their game in a tournament tune-up opportunity against Cardinal on Monday, gearing up for postseason action.


COLUMBIANA OH- In a thrilling senior night showdown, Crestview secured their 21st victory this season by defeating Garfield 76-17. Addison Rhodes led the charge with an impressive 33 points, supported by Luvrain Gaskins with 15 points and Myer Miller with 11 points. Emily Downey and Bri DiCross contributed 5 points each.

On the opposing side, Mandy Cardinal scored 7 points for Garfield, but it wasn’t enough to overcome Crestview’s dominant performance. Crestview, now 21-0, is poised to tie the program record for wins if they triumph against LaBrae on Monday. Meanwhile, Garfield (3-14) will face Brookfield in their upcoming matchup.


In a resounding display of dominance, Crestview secured at least a share of the MVAC title on Monday night, defending their home court against Champion with a convincing 55-40 victory. The Rebels wasted no time asserting control, building a commanding 30-12 lead by halftime.

Leading the charge for Crestview was the dynamic Addison Rhodes, who showcased her scoring prowess with an impressive 20 points. Luvrain Gaskins contributed 14 points, while Myer Miller, Bri DiCross, and Lexi Blower each added 6 points, highlighting the team’s well-rounded offensive performance.

Champion fought valiantly, with Bella Meyer leading their offensive efforts with 13 points. Kayla Haynie contributed 9 points, while Sam Strock and Kennedy Caldwell added 6 and 5 points, respectively.

With this victory, Crestview remains undefeated at 20-0 and looks forward to hosting Garfield at home on Thursday. Champion (14-5) will regroup and return home to host Liberty in their upcoming matchup.


COLUMBIANA OH- During a basketball season that has seen a plethora of new names and young talent, the spotlight found its way to Crestview sophomore sensation Addison Rhodes, who, in her freshman season, etched her name among the best to grace the YSN network. With a talent as raw as it is remarkable, Rhodes combines innate skill with an unmatched work ethic, creating a potent formula for success on the court.

Despite her youth, Addison is already flexing her leadership muscles, guiding the team with a maturity beyond her years. Her influence extends beyond the game, as she has become a beacon for young basketball enthusiasts at Crestview, embodying the qualities of a true role model.

This season, Rhodes has elevated her game to new heights, boasting impressive stats that paint a vivid picture of her impact: 19.4 points per game, 8.8 rebounds per game, 4.1 assists per game, and 3.7 steals per game. These numbers not only reflect her individual prowess but also underscore her integral role in the team’s success.

As the headline player on a fairly young roster, Addison Rhodes is not just a standout performer; she represents the promise of a formidable future for Crestview in the local basketball scene. With her at the helm, the team’s potential is undeniable, setting the stage for years of exciting competition and accomplishment.

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COLUMBIANA OH- In the heart of Crestview’s girls’ basketball team stands senior Emily Downey, a seasoned leader amidst a youthful roster. With a confidence that radiates on the court, Emily has become a reliable force as an outside shooter, setting the standard for precision from beyond the arc.

As the team’s sharpshooter, Emily not only leads in threes made but boasts a remarkable 33% shooting percentage from long range. Her 84 attempts are a testament to her prowess, outshining her teammates by 16 attempts. Averaging 7.3 points per game, Downey consistently contributes to the team’s offensive firepower.

Coming off a successful volleyball season that saw Crestview reach the regional finals, Emily brings a winning mentality to the basketball locker room. Having not lost a home game in both sports this school year, Downey exemplifies the standard of excellence and resilience.

Beyond the stats and victories, Emily Downey is driven by a desire to make the most of her senior season, embracing each game with gratitude and determination. In a year where nothing is taken for granted, she stands as a beacon of leadership, guiding her team through the challenges and triumphs of the season.

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COLUMBIANA OH- In the face of adversity, Crestview’s sophomore Ava Bucey has exemplified remarkable resilience throughout her basketball career. Battling through multiple injuries would be enough to deter many, but not Ava.

Ava’s journey has been marked by an unwavering grit and determination, a testament to her relentless spirit to keep coming back, no matter the setbacks. It’s a quality that sets her apart and fuels her commitment to the sport she loves.

This season brought a pivotal realization for Bucey – the importance of giving herself grace. Understanding that the path to recovery doesn’t always lead to an immediate return to 100%, Ava took a significant mental step. Overcoming not just the physical challenges but also addressing the mental aspects showcases her holistic approach to the game.

Since her return to the floor, Ava Bucey has proven to be a key addition to the 19-0 Rebels. Her comeback game, under high stakes at Champion when first place in the conference was on the line, demonstrated her ability to perform under pressure. Averaging an impressive 7.9 points per game, she brings both skill and resilience to the team.

What makes Ava stand out is her unwavering determination to not only overcome challenges but to exceed expectations. Her commitment to reaching her full potential and contributing to Crestview’s team goals is undeniable. As the Rebels aim for success on every front, Ava Bucey’s story becomes an inspiring narrative of perseverance and triumph over adversity.

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COLUMBIANA OH- In her first year as a varsity starter, Crestview’s junior Myer Miller has embraced the challenge after limited varsity time last season. The leap to a starting role was significant, but Myer proved she was up for it.

During the opening game of the season, Myer faced nerves but conquered them with a game-sealing three-pointer at Springfield. This pivotal moment marked her ability to rise to the occasion under pressure.

Myer attributes her growing confidence to the unwavering support of her coaches and teammates. Their encouragement has played a crucial role in her development on and off the court.

Known for her fun-loving nature, Myer maintains a sense of looseness on the floor. This characteristic not only adds to the team’s dynamics but also allows her to perform at her best when it matters most.

As she observes the team leaders, Myer recognizes the valuable lessons she can learn. Watching them closely will undoubtedly contribute to her growth, shaping her into a fantastic leader as she progresses into a senior role next season. The foundation set in her early years promises a bright future for Myer Miller on the basketball court.

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