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EAST PALESTINE, OH- On a snowy night in February, the weather shut down all athletic events and put YSN at a standstill.

That was until we decided to pair up athletes in our area to compete against each other in Madden ’22 and talk about their journeys, their teams, coaches, and maybe a little trash along the way.

Hubbard’s Nick Bowser picked up the sticks against South Range’s JD Crouse for a little 1v1 with a moderator along the way.

YSN’s DJ Yokley reffed the battle of the NE8 rivals, as they took to the gridiron with a random draw, and then battled Pittsburgh vs. Cleveland for bragging rights.

Check out the inaugural episode of our e-Sports programming in the YSN Maddenbowl: Hubbard vs. South Range