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MINERAL RIDGE OH- Faith Schneider wrapped up her high school volleyball career at Mineral Ridge with style and dominance, leaving a lasting legacy. As a key player for the Rams, her skills and leadership propelled the team to new heights, ensuring a strong foundation for future success. Faith’s dedication and hard work have set the stage for the Rams’ bright future, inspiring younger players to follow in her footsteps.

But Faith wasn’t ready to hang up her local volleyball shoes just yet. After her senior season with the Rams, she joined the Infinity 17’s club team to savor one last season playing alongside local talent. Infinity, almost exclusively composed of players from the YSN family, was the perfect fit for Faith. The team is now preparing for the USAV Girls Junior National Championships in Las Vegas from July 3rd-6th. Ranked 2nd in the OVR and 34th nationally, Infinity is a force to be reckoned with.

As the eldest member of the Infinity 17’s, Faith brings the leadership that everyone in Mineral Ridge has come to admire. Her experience and guidance are invaluable to her younger teammates, who look up to her both on and off the court. Faith’s presence on the team is a testament to her commitment to the sport and her ability to inspire those around her.

Looking ahead, Faith is excited to continue her volleyball journey at Edinboro. Her passion for the game and her relentless drive will undoubtedly serve her well at the collegiate level. With a bright future ahead, Faith Schneider is poised to make a significant impact at Edinboro, just as she did at Mineral Ridge and with Infinity.

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