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AUSTINTOWN OH- Seven seniors lead the newly crowned AAC Champion Austintown Fitch Falcons. Some of tm. he seniors hit, some of them set, Elyssa Molody specializes in defense.

One of the keys to Fitch’s success is their defense. The outside world might not talk about digs and passing, but inside Fitch’s gym it is emphasized. Elyssa takes great pride in being able to pass well, and get her team in system. It was one of her goals coming in to the season to step into this role as a defensive specialist and own it. She has certainty done that. Molody’s passes are almost always on target. She is an asset to the Falcons back row.

Elyssa has 97 digs on the season so far, and with a week to go in the regular season it is very likely that she will surpass 100 digs. Her most impressive stat is her 91% serve receive percentage on 96 receptions on the season. That is the definition of reliable. Molody also tallies 13 assists, and 19 aces on the year. Elyssa took the time out of her day to sit down with YSN’s Anthony Hartwig to discuss her senior season. They discuss what it feels like being AAC champions, her pre game routines, and much more. Feed the nest with the latest Falcon volleyball player profile “Play That Molody One More Time.”

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