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COLUMBIANA OH- In the heart of Crestview’s girls’ basketball team stands senior Emily Downey, a seasoned leader amidst a youthful roster. With a confidence that radiates on the court, Emily has become a reliable force as an outside shooter, setting the standard for precision from beyond the arc.

As the team’s sharpshooter, Emily not only leads in threes made but boasts a remarkable 33% shooting percentage from long range. Her 84 attempts are a testament to her prowess, outshining her teammates by 16 attempts. Averaging 7.3 points per game, Downey consistently contributes to the team’s offensive firepower.

Coming off a successful volleyball season that saw Crestview reach the regional finals, Emily brings a winning mentality to the basketball locker room. Having not lost a home game in both sports this school year, Downey exemplifies the standard of excellence and resilience.

Beyond the stats and victories, Emily Downey is driven by a desire to make the most of her senior season, embracing each game with gratitude and determination. In a year where nothing is taken for granted, she stands as a beacon of leadership, guiding her team through the challenges and triumphs of the season.

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COLUMBIANA OH- Defense is so important in volleyball, and sometimes so overlooked. If the ball isn’t passed in a good spot it will throw off the whole rhythm of the offense. Setters and hitters owe everything to their back row defenders.  The leader of the back row is the libero. Crestview is one of the best teams in the area, and that stems from having a high level libero in Emily Downey.

If there was any doubt about how good Downey is on the floor, it should have been forgotten in this district tournament. With matchups against state ranked opponents in both the district semifinal, and final Downey showed up huge.  Whether it be digs, or even more importantly serve receive, Downey showed off her talents to help the Rebels win their fourth straight district title.

Looking at Downey’s numbers she has accumulated 211 digs on the season.  She averages just under 3 digs per set.  She has only made 15 digging errors all season.  Emily leads the team in serve receives with 270, and has only made 27 receiving errors.  She had 24 digs in the two district tournament games against state ranked opponents.

Downey was kind enough to take the time to talk about her junior season with Anthony Hartwig.  They talk about what it’s like being trusted enough to be a libero, what has grown her confidence so much, and so much more. Check out the latest Crestview Volleyball Player Profile only on YSN!

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