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NEWTON FALLS OH- the Old Code of the knights says that a knight’s heart only knows virtue. That their words speak only truth. Honor is among the highest priorities for the knights of the old days. Their honor came from the way they carried themselves es. As for Newton Falls Emily Knight, she holds herself to the same standards of honor and class on the field. She may not carry a sword, and wear a suit of armor but with a bat in her hand and a jersey on her body, it still becomes a tale of honor.

Emily leads a Tiger team that loves to be under the radar. Underestimated even though they went to the district championship last year, and return one of the better pitchers in division 3. With the talent on the roster, Emily Knight has a lot of pieces to lead and move on the board. Newton Falls is poised to make another run at a trophy, and you better believe that Knight is a big reason why.

Knight was kind enough to hop on to YSN’s Running Point to talk about this team and this season. She also talks to the boys about what it’s like being a leader, the underdog mentality the Tigers take everywhere they go, and much more. Earn your stripes and take a look at the latest Newton Falls softball player profile.

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