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AKRON OH- Hoban is a brand new addition to the YSN family.  But we have known about their senior Emma Rasmussen for a while. She made a splash on YSN at the South Range Holliday Hoops Classic two years ago where she was named player of the game after an amazing performance.  Now we get to take an even deeper look at Emma and her career.  The first thing you notice is that Emma has grown into one of the best leaders you’ll find in northeast Ohio.  The Knights have needed her senior leadership this season. They have enherited  a young roster that needs that light to navigate the Knights independent schedule.  That schedule brings a lot of ups and downs to the table.  It is almost impossible to go through the teams Hoban does and not have some adversity in their way.  A lot of young teams might fold, but Rasmussen simply won’t let that happen. She has been here before, and she knows the Knight’s standard.  When things get tough, it’s players like Emma that you see shining through, willing their team to find a way to victory.

One of the hallmarks of a leader is how well they are able to be led by those who came before them.  Hoban has had phenomenal leaders in their program come through the last couple years. Emma has been able to take in every lesson they passed down.  She was never that player that pushed back against tough leadership. Now in her senior season she is using everything she learned to drive the Knights forward.

Emma took the time to chat with YSN’s Anthony Hartwig about her career.  They also discuss what it’s like being in the Hoban community, ways that she has grown over the seasons, and so much more.  Check out the first ever Archbishop Hoban Girls Basketball Player Profile only on YSN!

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