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GARRETTSVILLE OH- some people say that the position of quarterback is the hardest position to play in all of sports. Whether you agree with that or not, one thing that is indisputable about playing the role of quarterback is you can’t do it without being a leader. That’s why it is so incredible that Garfield junior Eric Geddes has stepped in and immediately taken the reigns for this traditionally winning program. Stepping in the shadow of a guy like Brody Swigonski can be tough, but Eric says while Brody was in Garfield, he learned everything he possibly could from him. Eric understood that you can’t lead a team unless someone leads you first. He could have easily ignored his opportunity to learn from Brody and just went in on nothing but his own attributes, but Eric is smarter than that. Now, number 7 is leading the G-Men to another impressive season. Garfield is 6-1 with their only loss being by 1 point to the first-ranked team in the state in Division VII Warren JFK.

In an offense that doesn’t throw a ton, Eric makes the most of each opportunity. He has 229 passing yards on the year with 3 touchdowns.  In the offense, you have to be able to run if you want to play quarterback. Geddes is one 6 G-Men that have run for over 100 yards so far on the season. Some things Geddes does best goes beyond the stat sheet. He makes all the reads at the line of scrimmage and then makes split-second reads on their option plays. The offense doesn’t succeed if Eric doesn’t make the right decisions. He is the one that gets the ball going.

Eric took the time to hop on a video chat with Anthony Hartwig this week to talk about what it’s been like taking over as quarterback. They also discuss the success of this program, pouring energy into two sports at Garfield, and much more. Check out the latest Garfield Football Player Profile only on YSN!

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