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  1. place; stead.

In Beaver Local, there’s been a transition happening on the football field.  Coach McKenzie is taking the Beavers back to smashmouth, rough and rowdy football.  In a day where Wildcat formation and trick plays are all the hype, the Beaver look to regain their identity as the area’s top powerhouse team.  Back are the days where you knew you played the Red and White the next day because they left you black and blue.

Leading the charge in that capacity is Junior, Ethan Lewis.  Lewis, although a skilled position, has made his living off of being tough to take down.  In the midst of all the transition, Lewis has been a constant variable for success.  He’s adapted well into the program and serves as one of the leaders of this football team.  Although he has another year to play, that just scares the opposition even more, as that means he has another year to grow his game.  In lieu of the struggle the Beavers will face, Lewis will help provide the leadership.

Our Michael McKenzie caught up with Ethan and features him in this week’s Beaver Local Player Profile: IN ‘LEW’ OF THE STRUGGLE