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EAST LIVERPOOL, OH- Three years ago, a young East Liverpool freshman was thrust onto center stage in the YSN All-Star game to represent a city, a community, and a program with an incredible amount of history, pride, and notoriety.  Fast forward to the present day, and that same young man- now a junior in class, has helped bring much of those friendly reminders of Potter Country back to the forefront.

Evan Tice has once again put together a tremendous season behind the dish for the Potters, and has morphed into a leader on the team with his experience, talent, and work ethic.

As Tice and the Blue and White prepare for the OHSAA tournament, Evan cut loose for a few minutes to talk to DJ Yokley of YSN to discuss how the transition of underclassman to leadership has gone, as well as how he sees himself projecting at the next level.



EAST LIVERPOOL OH- Some guys just have that natural gift for the sport of baseball. And when that gift meets with a unstoppable work ethic, nothing but good things will happen. That is why Evan Tice is such a quick moving phenomenon in East Liverpool. Talk about a player who sees what he wants, sees what he has to do to get it, and then goes and does it. We tend to forget how rare that is in todays youth athletics. So many young athletes across the country have the path smoothed out for them. Tice smooths out his own path.

Tice took that work ethic into this winter and made dramatic improvements to his game between freshman and sophomore season. His arm has gotten stronger, and he has become a real threat to throw runners out behind the dish. A catcher’s arm their biggest asset, and they use it more than anyone on the field. Evan’s arm has quickly become a real weapon. It’s what makes him one of the best young players in the YSN family.

Evan was able to spend some time with the guys on YSN’s Running Point this week. From East Liverpool he talked to Anthony Hartwig, and Ty Bartell about his work ethic, his love for the game of baseball, and so much more. Don’t miss this one Potter Nation! The latest East Liverpool Baseball player profile exclusively on YSN.

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