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AUSTINTOWN, OH- The recent Austintown Fireworks Celebration was a testament to community bonding, orchestrated meticulously by none other than Jim Davis, a former trustee and long-standing member of the community. His passion for bringing joy and unity to Austintown is palpable, making him the heart and soul of this annual event. In a recent episode of the “YSN Coach’s Corner” podcast, DJ Yokley sat down with Jim Davis to delve into the man behind the magic.

From the outset, it was clear that Jim’s dedication is geared towards serving his community. “It’s all for the community,” Jim emphasized. “It’s great to have things like this for the kids and for everybody to come out and enjoy.”

One might think that orchestrating such a grand event for the Austintown community would lead to stress, but for Davis, the challenge is a labor of love. “The motivation is the community and knowing how much they love and enjoy it,” he expressed with a sense of pride.

One of the notable discussions during the interview was about the collaboration that made this year’s event possible. Hollywood Gaming played a significant role in hosting the event, offering their expertise in event planning. “Their staff really welcomed us with open arms and said, ‘Here’s the blank canvas. What do you think?'” Jim explained, acknowledging the teamwork that made the event a success.

While some people might get starstruck meeting local celebrities and sports figures, Jim remains grounded. Reflecting on his experiences with notable names, he said, “I just enjoy sitting down with those guys and asking questions… But I’ve never really geeked out over guys.” The only exception to this cool composure, Jim cheekily admits, might be “Hulk Hogan.”

For Jim Davis, community work is deeply personal. Recalling his family’s roots and their decision to settle in Austintown, Jim shared, “My parents made a decision… would they live in Boardman, would they live in Canfield? And they chose Austintown. And ever since then, my heart’s fallen in love with this community.” His sense of duty is clear: “If guys like me, the younger generation, don’t pick up and do it, who’s going to do it? We’re not going to have the fireworks in Austintown.”

The emotional highlight of Jim’s experience each year is a tradition he shares with his daughter. “My daughter counts down from ten to one to light the fireworks with me… It really makes me happy to know she enjoys being a part of it,” he shared, his pride and love as a father shining through. “She is just the apple of my eye, and to get to do that with her is the highlight of my night.”

Not forgetting to express his gratitude, Jim extended heartfelt thanks to YSN for their role in showcasing local talent. “You’re getting our kids out in front of scouts everywhere,” he said. “Making sure these kids in the community have that opportunity like I did, to grow up, be a Falcon, and be successful. And you’ve helped us do that.”

Jim Davis stands as a beacon of dedication and service, ensuring the spirit of Austintown is celebrated and preserved for future generations. The fireworks celebration is more than just a display of pyrotechnics; it is a symbol of community, tradition, and the enduring legacy of those who cherish it.
In closing, as Jim so passionately put it, “I just love the Austintown community.” This sentiment is clearly reflected in every firework that lights up the sky, bringing joy to all who gather to watch.