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CANFIELD, OH- Welcome back to another edition of “YSN/Canfield: Player Profile,” where we delve into the lives and experiences of athletes from the Canfield Cardinals. In this episode, we have the privilege of interviewing Seth Newman, a senior and defensive end for the team.

We discuss the tight-knit bond of the senior class, their ability to overcome adversity, and the traditions that have shaped them. Seth shares his reflections on personal growth, the legacy he hopes to leave behind, and his plans for the future beyond high school.

Stay tuned as we uncover the story of this remarkable player and the lessons he has learned both on and off the football field. Get ready for an inspiring and candid conversation with Seth Newman on today’s episode: Canfield Player Profile.




YOUNGSTOWN, OH- For only the sixth time in area history, Youngstown will be represented in a Flag Football National Championship setting.

The Valley will be represented the first week in February in Las Vegas, Nevada in the form of a handful of young men competing for a title in one of the world’s fastest-growing sports.

As proud as they are to have locked in the spot, they will need our area’s help to get there.  Other NFL franchises, and flag organizations are helping out their teams financially, but these young men are being tasked with raising funds for their trip on their own.

We caught up with a couple players as well as the Assistant Coach, Josh Tedesco to fill us in on how you can help.  (Which you can see in the pictures below as well)