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ASHTABULA OH- Gabbie Johnston, the junior outside hitter for St. John’s, has not only been a statistical powerhouse on the court since she first stepped onto the volleyball scene but has also evolved into a true leader for her team, both on and off the court. As she continues to mature into her junior year, her growth and contributions have become indispensable to the 10-1 St. John’s team.

In her sophomore season in 2022, Johnston had a standout year, showcasing her prowess as an offensive and defensive force. She recorded an impressive 278 kills, averaging 3.2 per set, a testament to her ability to deliver powerful and precise hits when her team needed them most. Her defensive capabilities were equally impressive, with 358 digs to her name, averaging a remarkable 13.3 per match. Additionally, Johnston displayed her serving skills with 56 aces, making her a multifaceted asset to the team.

As the 2023 season unfolds, Johnston has continued to shine. Through 11 matches, she has already amassed an impressive 117 kills and is currently hitting at an impressive .249 percentage, showcasing her consistency and accuracy at the net. Her defensive contributions remain steadfast, with 146 digs and an average of 13.5 per match, reaffirming her role as a reliable backcourt presence. Notably, Johnston is also making her mark from the service line with 44 aces to her name.

One remarkable milestone lies within Johnston’s reach: 1000 career digs. She needs just 133 more to achieve this significant accomplishment, a testament to her dedication and tenacity on the court.

Gabbie Johnston’s journey and growth were recently discussed in an interview with YSN’s Anthony Hartwig, shedding light on her perspective and aspirations for her junior season. As a dynamic player and emerging leader, she continues to be a key figure in St. John’s volleyball success, and her contributions are sure to propel the team to new heights. Stay tuned for more updates on this rising star in the world of high school volleyball, only on YSN.

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