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YOUNGSTOWN, OH – A lot of pride comes with being a cheerleader for the Ursuline Irish, and Gabby Howe and Olivia Perline fully embody that. The duo has been able to be a part of a lot of fun moments cheering on the Irish on the gridiron over the past few years and have made a lot of memories along the way. They hope to create many more over the next few months as Ursuline looks to get back to a position they were in last year, the state championship game, and win that final game in Week 16 this time around. Howe and Perline help a squad that hypes up the Irish support system and help guide them on their way to victory.

In this week’s Cheerleading Profile, Gabby and Olivia discuss just how much fun it is to be a cheerleader at Ursuline, their favorite parts of gamedays, some of their favorite memories, and much more!

* Contributed by Anthony Romo *