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MINERAL RIDGE, OH- Ava Hulett, a standout junior athlete at Mineral Ridge High School, is setting her sights on leaving a lasting legacy in her senior year. In a recent interview with YSN’s DJ Yokley at the Post Office Pub, Hulett shared her thoughts on her impressive basketball season, her multi-sport dedication, and her aspirations for the future.

Hulett, a key player in the girls’ basketball program at Mineral Ridge, expressed pride in her team’s performance, despite the challenges of a tough schedule. The team’s resilience and unity were evident as they overcame obstacles throughout the season.

As a multi-sport athlete, Hulett balances her focus between basketball and volleyball, showcasing her determination and versatility both on and off the court. Her commitment to excellence serves as an inspiration to young athletes in the community.

Looking ahead to her senior year, Hulett reflects on the opportunities available to female athletes in today’s sports landscape. She emphasizes the importance of hard work and perseverance, acknowledging the impact of being a role model to aspiring athletes.

With her eyes set on her final year, Hulett aims to achieve a significant milestone in basketball by reaching 1,000 points and potentially breaking a school record. Her dedication and drive have already garnered attention, positioning her among the elite athletes in the region.

As Hulett continues to excel in her athletic endeavors, she remains focused on leaving a lasting mark at Mineral Ridge High School. Her determination and sportsmanship make her a role model for young athletes and a force to be reckoned with on and off the court.

The Mineral Ridge community eagerly anticipates the next chapter in Hulett’s athletic journey as she continues to shine in her pursuits.



MINERAL RIDGE, OH- Bob Molnar, the 8th grade basketball coach at Mineral Ridge, recently achieved an impressive feat as his team completed an undefeated 18-0 season, with a perfect 14-0 record in the conference. In a recent episode of the YSN podcast, hosted by DJ Yokley, Molnar shared his insights into the coaching profession and his dedication to the young athletes in his community.

Molnar emphasized the importance of setting and achieving goals, highlighting the girls’ determination to go truly undefeated in the MVAC and win the championship. He attributed their success to early training and exposure to competitive basketball, nurturing and mentoring the girls since the third grade. Molnar also stressed the significance of teaching life lessons through sports, instilling a long-term perspective in the young athletes.

With a background as a father of five and extensive coaching experience since 2000, Molnar expressed his preference for coaching girls due to their focused attention to detail and increased seriousness about their athletic and academic future. He also shared his involvement in other sports programs, illustrating his enduring commitment to the local community and its youth.

Molnar’s dedication to teaching and mentoring through sports has had a profound impact on the Mineral Ridge community, fostering a culture of perseverance, commitment, and sportsmanship among the young athletes he coaches.



Edgewood, OH- In an electrifying showcase of talent and sportsmanship, the Ashtabula County Senior All-Star game brought together the finest seniors from across the region. Divided into two teams, Team Bowser (Orange) and Team Bowler (Black), the seniors treated fans to a game filled with excitement and high-level basketball.

1st Half: Team Bowser (Orange) 69 – Team Bowler (Black) 68
2nd Half: Team Bowser (Orange) 72 – Team Bowler (Black) 77

Final: Team Bowser (Orange) 130 – Team Bowler (Black) 128

Team Bowser (Orange) Total Points:

  • Brady Andrejack (Edgewood): 9
  • Connor Mead (Lakeside): 16
  • Caydense Wiser (Pymatuning Valley): 7
  • Blake Krznaric (Pymatuning Valley): 15
  • Alex DiSalvatore (Lakeside): 20
  • Jacob Ernst (Edgewood): 22
  • Logan Kray (Edgewood): 15
  • Zane Neczeporenko (Pymatuning Valley): 26

This highly anticipated event, organized by the Ashtabula County Basketball Foundation, brought together the best of the best from the county’s high school basketball teams. Coached by two esteemed mentors, Edgewood’s John Bowler and Geneva’s Eric Bowser, the game was a testament to the talent and dedication of these young athletes.

During halftime, the crowd was treated to an exhilarating 3-point contest, won by Conneaut’s Chance Loomis, who showcased his sharpshooting skills by knocking down an incredible 27 3-pointers in just 2 minutes.

The player of the game honors were also awarded to Conneaut’s Chance Loomis, who delivered a standout performance with 31 points. Loomis’s scoring prowess and leadership on the court were instrumental in keeping Team Bowser competitive throughout the game.

From thunderous dunks by Aiden Hathy, Joey DeGeorge, Jerry Arrington, and Jacob Ernst to jaw-dropping long-range shots by Peyton Williams and Trevor Clute, the game featured a dazzling array of skills and highlights.

Overall, the All-Star game served as a fitting tribute to the hard work and talent of the Ashtabula County seniors. It was a memorable sendoff for these exceptional athletes as they embark on the next chapter of their basketball journeys.


Edgewood, OH- In a thrilling display of talent and camaraderie, the Ashtabula County Senior All-Star game showcased the best of girls’ basketball in the region. Divided into two teams, Team Vencill (Orange) and Team Iarocci (Black), the seniors put on a show for the enthusiastic crowd.

1st Half: Team Vencill (Orange) 33 – Team Iarocci (Black) 26
2nd Half: Team Vencill (Orange) 25 – Team Iarocci (Black) 25

Team Vencill (Orange) Total Points:

  • Kayla Farley (Conneaut): 8
  • Chloe Freeman (Grand Valley): 9
  • McKenna Vencill (Edgewood): 17
  • Delaney Morrison (Geneva): 8
  • Morgan Crawford (Grand Valley): 4
  • Brooke Richmond (Geneva): 6
  • Maddy McDonald (Edgewood): 2
  • Katie McCollister (Edgewood): 4

Team Iarocci (Black) Total Points:

  • Alyssa Cevera (St. John): 17
  • Grace DiSalvatore (St. John): 3
  • Kaelyn Hart (Grand Valley): 6
  • Moharrah Jackson (Geneva): 13
  • Dixie Miller (Grand Valley): 10
  • Lanie Torrance (Lakeside): 2

The game, coached by Edgewood’s Randy Vencill and Ashtabula County legend Nic Iarocci, showcased the incredible talent and sportsmanship of the seniors. Despite the competitive nature of the game, it was evident that the players cherished the opportunity to share the court with their fellow seniors.

During halftime, the crowd was treated to an exciting 3-point contest, won by Geneva’s Brook Richmond, who showcased her sharpshooting skills by knocking down an impressive 36 3-pointers in just 2 minutes.

The player of the game honors went to Edgewood’s McKenna Vencill, who delivered a stellar performance with 17 points, 8 rebounds, and 2 assists. Vencill’s versatility and leadership on the court were instrumental in securing the victory for Team Vencill.

Overall, the All-Star game served as a fitting tribute to the hard work and dedication of the Ashtabula County seniors throughout their high school careers. It was a wonderful sendoff for these talented athletes as they transition to the next chapter of their lives.


Peninsula, OH- In a hard-fought district semi-final matchup, the Edgewood Warriors faced off against the Aurora Greenmen in a game filled with anticipation and determination. Despite a strong effort from the Warriors, led by Katie McCollister’s double-digit scoring performance, they were unable to secure the victory, ultimately falling short with a final score of 29-39.

Edgewood Warriors: 6 | 10 | 6 | 7 = 29
Aurora Greenmen: 7 | 5 | 20 | 7 = 39

Edgewood Warriors Total Points:

  • Katie McCollister: 11
  • Mckenna Vencill: 9
  • Carly Kray: 4
  • Avery Vencill: 2
  • Annie Johnston: 2
  • Leigha Guyton: 1

Aurora Greenmen Total Points:

  • Sam Stask: 13
  • Madison Wiiting: 9
  • Kailey Feckner: 8
  • Brooke Pierce: 4
  • Brooke Manay: 4
  • Julia Miller: 1

Despite the loss, the Warriors displayed resilience and determination throughout the game, showcasing the competitive spirit that defined their historic season. Led by Katie McCollister’s impressive scoring performance, the Warriors fought hard against a tough Greenmen squad.

However, the Greenmen proved to be a formidable opponent, particularly in the third quarter where they outscored the Warriors by 14 points. Despite the Warriors’ efforts to rally in the fourth quarter, they were unable to overcome the deficit, ultimately falling short in their quest for victory.

With this loss, the Edgewood Warriors conclude their season with a final record of 20-2, marking a historic season for the program. Despite the disappointment of the defeat, the Warriors can take pride in their accomplishments, including winning the first conference title in school history and achieving the most wins in school history.

As for the Aurora Greenmen, they advance to the district finals of the OHSAA playoffs, where they will face the Gilmour Academy Lancers. With their hard-fought victory over the Warriors, the Greenmen look to carry their momentum forward and continue their postseason journey.

Although the outcome may not have been what the Warriors had hoped for, they showcased determination and resilience throughout the game, leaving everything on the court in their pursuit of victory. As they reflect on their season, the Warriors will look to build upon their successes and lessons learned, setting the stage for future achievements on the basketball court.


Jefferson, OH- In a postseason clash between the Jefferson Falcons and the Crestwood Red Devils, the Red Devils emerged victorious with a commanding 49-28 win. Despite a valiant effort from the Falcons, led by Mia Contenza and Alex Cosart, the Red Devils’ dominant performance proved to be too much to overcome.

Jefferson Falcons: 6 | 9 | 9 | 4 = 28
Crestwood Red Devils: 15 | 13 | 8 | 13 = 49

Jefferson Falcons Total Points:

  • Mia Contenza: 10
  • Alex Cosart: 8
  • Dani Furman: 6
  • Trinity Velliquette: 4

Crestwood Red Devils Total Points:

  • Hannah Ward: 29
  • Liv Martini: 12
  • Maddie Dustman: 5
  • Becca Brady: 2
  • Grace Harper: 1

Despite a resilient effort from the Falcons, highlighted by Mia Contenza’s 10 points and Alex Cosart’s 8 points, they were unable to contain the offensive onslaught from the Red Devils.

For the Red Devils, Hannah Ward delivered a standout performance with an impressive 29 points, leading her team to victory. Liv Martini added 12 points, while Maddie Dustman, Becca Brady, and Grace Harper contributed points as well, showcasing the Red Devils’ balanced scoring attack.

With this loss, the Jefferson Falcons conclude their season with a final record of 10-13. Although their postseason journey has come to an end, the Falcons can take pride in their efforts throughout the season and look to build upon their success in the future.

As for the Crestwood Red Devils, they advance in the OHSAA tournament and prepare to face the Glenville Tarblooders in their next matchup on 2/24/24. With their dominant performance against the Falcons, the Red Devils will look to carry their momentum forward as they continue their postseason campaign.

Although the outcome may not have been what the Falcons had hoped for, they showcased determination and resilience throughout the game. As they reflect on their season, the Falcons will look to learn and grow from their experiences, setting the stage for future success on the court.


EAST PALESTINE, OH- In a thrilling Wednesday night showdown, the East Palestine Lady Bulldogs triumphed over the Toronto Red Knights with a final score of 30-23. The victory not only marked a significant win for the team but also held a special significance as they celebrated Senior Night. Adding to the jubilation, Coach Will Franklin achieved a remarkable milestone by securing his 100th career victory on the same memorable evening.

From the opening tip-off, the Lady Bulldogs displayed determination and resilience on the court. Led by the senior leadership of Leila Martin, East Palestine showcased their offensive prowess with Martin delivering an impressive performance, contributing 12 points to the team’s victory. Martin’s skillful play and leadership set the tone for the Bulldogs’ relentless pursuit of success.

Supporting Martin’s stellar performance, Jasmine Ludt and Alivia Magness added valuable contributions to the offensive attack, each tallying 6 points apiece. Ludt and Magness demonstrated their versatility and skill, complementing Martin’s scoring efforts with their own decisive plays throughout the game.

Gabby Andre and Marah Zimmerman also made notable contributions to the Bulldogs’ offensive output, with each player adding 3 points to the team’s tally. Their timely baskets and tenacious defense proved instrumental in securing the victory for East Palestine on this memorable occasion.

Despite the formidable challenge posed by the Toronto Red Knights, the Lady Bulldogs remained resilient and focused throughout the contest. Toronto’s leading scorer, Michelle Anderson, demonstrated her scoring prowess, while JJ Rebich and Ashton Thomas contributed 5 and 4 points respectively. However, the Lady Bulldogs’ cohesive teamwork and unwavering determination ultimately proved decisive in securing the victory.

The atmosphere was electric as fans cheered on their beloved Lady Bulldogs, celebrating both the team’s triumph and Coach Will Franklin’s remarkable milestone. Franklin’s dedication and leadership have been instrumental in guiding the Lady Bulldogs to numerous victories, and his achievement of 100 career wins is a testament to his unwavering commitment to excellence.  Franklin has led EP since 2013 and is the only coach in the girls’ program to ever lead his team to a conference title.

As the final buzzer sounded, the East Palestine Lady Bulldogs celebrated a hard-fought victory and a momentous milestone in Coach Franklin’s career. The win not only serves as a testament to the team’s talent and determination but also underscores the significance of Senior Night as a tribute to the invaluable contributions of the team’s graduating seniors.


Orwell, OH- In a dominant display of skill and teamwork, the Grand Valley Mustangs emerged victorious over the Windham Bombers with a final score of 54-26. With this win, the Mustangs concluded their regular season on a high note, boasting a commendable record of 15-6 as they prepare to enter the OHSAA postseason tournament.


Box Score:

Teams 1st Quarter 2nd Quarter 3rd Quarter 4th Quarter Total
Grand Valley Mustangs 8 23 8 15 54
Windham Bombers 6 7 8 5 26

Player Stats:

Grand Valley Mustangs:

  • Kaelyn Hart: 18 points
  • Morgan Crawford: 12 points
  • Chloe Freeman: 8 points
  • Kaitlyn Bauman: 5 points
  • Reagan Boiarski: 4 points
  • Dixie Miller: 4 points
  • Abbey Eland: 3 points

Windham Bombers:

  • Briah Daniel: 8 points
  • Mariah Woods: 4 points
  • Abby Simpson: 4 points
  • Lorena De Oliviera: 4 points
  • Skylar Bailer: 3 points
  • Makenzi Blockenger: 3 points

The Mustangs showcased their offensive firepower with a balanced scoring effort, led by standout performances from Kaelyn Hart and Morgan Crawford. Their relentless defense stifled the Bombers’ offense throughout the game, allowing the Mustangs to maintain control and secure the decisive victory.

Looking ahead, the Windham Bombers (11-9) will face a tough challenge in their next game against the Rootstown Rovers (17-2) on 2/12/24, on the road. The Rovers are coming off an impressive 66-46 win over the Mogadore Wildcats, making them a formidable opponent in what promises to be an exciting matchup.

As the Grand Valley Mustangs shift their focus to the postseason, they aim to carry the momentum from this victory into their playoff campaign, confident in their ability to compete at a high level and make a deep postseason run.


Photo Credit: Edgewood Athletics

Madison, OH- In a thrilling matchup that showcased the resilience and determination of both teams, the Edgewood Warriors emerged victorious over the Madison Blue Streaks, claiming a historic league title for the first time in the program’s history. The final score stood at 58-50 in favor of the Warriors, cementing their dominance in the 2023-2024 CVC Lake Division League.

Box Score:

Team 1st Quarter 2nd Quarter 3rd Quarter 4th Quarter Total
Edgewood Warriors 14 12 15 17 58
Madison Blue Streaks 14 19 8 9 50

Edgewood Warriors Total Points:

  • McKenna Vencill: 19
  • Leigha Guyton: 12
  • Faith Vencill: 10
  • Katie McCollister: 7
  • Avery Vencill: 4
  • Carly Kray: 3
  • Annie Johnston: 3

Madison Blue Streaks Total Points:

  • Zoey Delagianis: 23
  • Sidney Sorber: 10
  • Kendra Smith: 7
  • Leah Brock: 5
  • Alyssa Snider: 3
  • Kaylee LaMarco: 2

Despite a valiant effort from the Blue Streaks, spearheaded by Zoey Delagiais’ impressive 23-point performance, they couldn’t withstand the relentless pressure from the Warriors in the latter stages of the game. Sidney Sorber contributed 10 points for the Blue Streaks, but it wasn’t enough to halt the Warriors’ march to victory.

With this crucial win, the Edgewood Warriors secured their place as the undisputed champions of the CVC Lake Division League, finishing the regular season with an outstanding record of 17-1. The achievement marks a significant milestone for the program and serves as a testament to the hard work and dedication of the players and coaching staff.

Looking ahead, the Warriors will aim to carry their momentum into their next game against the Conneaut Spartans on February 10th, 2024. Meanwhile, the Madison Blue Streaks will regroup as they prepare to face off against the Harvey Red Raiders on the road on February 9th, 2024.


Saybrook, OH- In a thrilling girls’ basketball matchup, the St. John Heralds emerged victorious against the Bristol Panthers with a final score of 43-31. The game, which took place at the St. John gymnasium, saw intense action from both teams as they battled it out on the court.

Team 1st Quarter 2nd Quarter 3rd Quarter 4th Quarter Total
St. John Heralds 14 7 8 14 43
Bristol Panthers 9 12 0 10 31


Game Recap

The Heralds started the game strong, taking an early lead in the first quarter with a score of 14-9. Led by standout performances from Mickey Zheng and Alyssa Cevera, the Heralds maintained their momentum throughout the game. Zheng showcased her scoring prowess, contributing 17 points to the team’s total, while Cevera added 11 points of her own.

However, the Panthers fought back in the second quarter, outscoring the Heralds 12-7 to narrow the gap. Bri Hingersmith led the Panthers’ offensive efforts, scoring 8 points in the game. Despite their efforts, the Panthers struggled to contain the Heralds’ offense in the second half, allowing St. John to secure the win.

Player Stats

  • St. John Heralds Total Points:
    • Mickey Zheng: 17
    • Alyssa Cevera: 11
    • Grace DiSalvatore: 8
    • Izzy Holler: 4
    • Alexa Jordan: 3
  • Bristol Panthers Total Points:
    • Bri Hingersmith: 8
    • Payton Brock: 7
    • Sam Mansfield: 6
    • Lauren Church: 4
    • Destiny Crass: 6

Looking Ahead

With this win, the St. John Heralds improve their record to 11-9 and will head into their final game of the regular season on the road against the Mathews Mustangs on 2/10/24. Meanwhile, the Bristol Panthers (9-11) will face off against the Garfield G-Men (3-16) in their next game on 2/15/24.

The Heralds will aim to carry the momentum from this victory into their upcoming matchup, while the Panthers will look to bounce back and secure a win in their next game.

Stay tuned for more exciting basketball action as the season progresses!