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BROOKFIELD OH- In a commanding performance on Thursday night, Champion continued their success in the MVAC by dominating Brookfield at home with a decisive 51-26 victory.

Key contributors for Champion included Kayla Haynie, who scored 17 points, showcasing her prowess with 5 three-pointers. Bella Meyer had an impressive all-around performance with 16 points, including 4 threes, 6 assists, 5 steals, and 5 rebounds. Kennedy Caldwell added 14 points, connecting on 4 three-pointers. Champion hit 14 threes as a team

With an 11-4 record, Champion looks forward to their next challenge at home against Garfield on Wednesday. On the other hand, Brookfield, with a 4-10 record, will be hosting Liberty on Thursday.


GARRETTSVILLE OH- In a statement victory, Champion sought revenge on Monday night, dismantling reigning District champions Garfield with a commanding 58-20 win.

Bella Meyer led the charge for Champion with an impressive 18 points, while Kennedy Caldwell contributed 14 points, and Sam Strock added 8 points. Addie Warzala rounded out the scoring with 6 points, highlighting a well-rounded offensive performance.

Garfield’s efforts were led by Mandy Cardinal, who scored 15 points in a challenging contest against Champion’s stout defense.

Looking ahead, Champion gears up for a significant league matchup on Thursday as they host LaBrae, aiming to continue their winning momentum. On the other side, Garfield hits the road for a clash against Campbell, seeking to bounce back from Monday night’s tough defeat.


MINERAL RIDGE OH- Champion showcased resilience and determination in a hard-fought battle on the road against Mineral Ridge, securing their first win of the season with a gritty 60-50 victory. Marky Nolan led the charge for Champion, contributing an impressive 24 points, while Jacob Andreatta added 15 points to the scoreboard. Christian Williams chipped in with 8 points to contribute to the team’s success.

Mineral Ridge displayed a competitive spirit, with Julian Rozzi leading their scoring efforts with 13 points, closely followed by Landon Bingham with 12 points and Chase Moore with 11 points.

Champion will enjoy a brief break before their next challenge, a Saturday matchup on the road against Maplewood with a 2:30 start. Mineral Ridge is set to return to action on Friday, traveling to face Hubbard in their upcoming contest.


WARREN OH- In an impactful home opener on Thursday, Champion made a statement with a 51-39 victory over Poland, marking the first win over Poland in Head Coach Michael Cole’s career. The matchup showcased Champion’s resilience and determination, especially after last season’s 51-22 loss to the Bulldogs. The turning point came in the third quarter, where Champion outscored Poland 18-12, establishing a crucial 12-point lead heading into the final frame.

Bella Meyer led the scoring charge for Champion with a game-high 17 points, including three three-pointers, and contributed 4 rebounds. Kayla Haynie added 11 points, showcasing her three-point shooting prowess, while Carlie Easterday contributed 8 points and 5 rebounds. Kennedy Caldwell chipped in with 7 points.

On the Poland side, Kylee Hudran led the scoring with 16 points, making four three-pointers, followed by Mary Brant with 14 points and 5 rebounds. Elliana Thompson added 5 points to the Bulldogs’ total.

Champion’s impressive win sets the stage for their upcoming matchup against Warren JFK on Saturday. Poland, on the other hand, will return home to host Springfield on Monday.


Securing their second consecutive win, Champion delivered a dominating performance in Niles on Monday, emerging victorious with a final score of 64-55.

Bella Meyer led the scoring charge for Champion with an impressive 24 points, including two three-pointers, and an impressive 9 out of 10 from the free-throw line. Kayla Haynes contributed 12 points, showcasing her three-point shooting with 3 successful shots from beyond the arc, while Kennedy Caldwell added 10 points to the team’s total.

On the Niles side, Kherington Stanford led the scoring efforts with 15 points, followed by Brooke Money with 12 points, and Hannah Grimm with 8 points.

Champion’s impressive showing sets the stage for their upcoming home game on Thursday, where they will host Poland. Meanwhile, Niles will stay at home, looking to bounce back as they host LaBrae on Thursday.


BOARDMAN OH- In a historic moment for Champion’s girls’ soccer program, the team rose to the occasion and secured a triumphant 3-1 victory over Norwayne in their first-ever Regional Semifinal. The bright lights of the big stage did not faze the resilient Champion squad, as they showcased their skills and determination in a memorable match.

The goal-scorers for Champion were Taylor Kuhn, who found the back of the net twice, and Grayson Knoske, who added another to the tally. Teamwork was at the forefront, with Taylor Kuhn and Maylee Nadaud providing the crucial assists to set up these pivotal goals.

Champion’s defensive prowess was also on full display, particularly through the outstanding efforts of Mia Nadaud. Mia was tasked with marking Norwayne’s standout player, Shelby Vaughn, who is committed to playing Power 5 soccer at Michigan State. Vaughn managed to score only one goal, and by that time, Champion had already built a comfortable 3-0 lead, effectively locking down the game.

With this impressive victory, Champion now advances to the Regional Final, where they will face Akron Manchester, their determined opponent who emerged victorious with a 4-0 win over Hiland in their own Regional Semifinal. The Regional Final promises to be a clash of soccer titans and is scheduled for Saturday at 4:00 at Tallmadge.


WARREN OH- Grayson Knoske, a sophomore standout on Champion’s girls’ soccer team, has earned her place among the best underclassmen in the area. Her impact on the team has been nothing short of remarkable, as she played a pivotal role in their undefeated regular season and district championship victory. What truly sets Knoske apart is her ability to perform like a seasoned senior. Her leadership qualities are already evident, and as she takes on more responsibility, her influence on the team is only set to grow.

Beyond her leadership, Grayson Knoske’s talent is undeniable. Throughout the season, opposing defenses have been confounded in their attempts to thwart her attacks on the goal. Her exceptional field vision and blistering speed make her an incredibly challenging force to stop.

In the 2023 season, Knoske’s statistics speak volumes of her contributions: she has scored 33 goals, provided 19 assists, and accumulated 85 points, averaging an impressive 4.3 points per game. Notably, she stands as the second-highest goal-scorer on the team, underscoring her significance to their success.

Currently, Grayson Knoske and her Champion Flashes are gearing up for the Regional Semifinal, where they will face off against Norwayne at Boardman High School this Tuesday. With kickoff scheduled for 7:00,

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WARREN OH- In the world of high school sports, it’s a rare sight to witness a freshman stepping onto the varsity field and immediately leaving an indelible mark on a high-level team. However, that’s precisely what Maylee Nadaud has accomplished for the Champion soccer team.

Maylee’s arrival has been nothing short of a revelation for Champion, and she has played a pivotal role in their unbeaten season. On the pitch, she is a relentless force to be reckoned with, and her remarkable statistics speak volumes about her contribution to the team’s success.

As we delve into the numbers for the 2023 season, it becomes evident just how influential Maylee Nadaud has been. She has impressively notched an incredible 26 goals, showcasing her striking ability with each precision shot. But her impact doesn’t stop there. Maylee has also proven her playmaking prowess by amassing an impressive 22 assists. When you do the math, it’s clear that Maylee Nadaud has had a hand in a total of 48 goals for Champion this season, a staggering feat. Her 22 assists also earn her the distinction of being the team leader in that category.

One cannot help but be astounded by the remarkable synergy between Maylee and her teammates on the field. Her ability to not only score goals but create opportunities for her fellow players has been instrumental in Champion’s impressive 131 total team goals this season.

It’s worth noting that the Nadaud family legacy is well-represented on the Champion soccer team, with Maylee having a guiding presence in the form of her senior sister, Mia Nadaud. The bond between the Nadaud sisters extends beyond family ties and into the realm of teamwork and mentorship. Mia has played an invaluable role in nurturing Maylee during her first season, imparting her wisdom and experience to ensure Maylee’s smooth transition to the varsity level.

As the Flashes gear up for a crucial Regional Semifinal matchup on Tuesday against Norwayne at Boardman High School, Maylee Nadaud’s remarkable journey is far from over. With the guidance of her sister and the invaluable experience gained this season, there is no doubt that she will continue to shine brightly in the years to come. Maylee’s remarkable freshman campaign is just the beginning, and her future at Champion holds the promise of even greater accomplishments.

Maylee joined YSN’s Running Point today with Anthony Hartwig to talk about her freshman season and her soccer journey.  Check out the latest Champion Girls Soccer Player Profile only on YSN!

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NILES OH- Champion’s girls’ soccer team continued their impressive undefeated streak this season by claiming the district championship in a tightly contested battle against Poland, ultimately triumphing with a 2-1 victory.

The match showcased the exceptional skills of Champion’s players, with Grayson Knoske and Taylor Kuhn providing the crucial goals that secured their district championship. Savanna Lefkowitz and Maylee Nadaud played vital roles in setting up these scoring opportunities, each earning an assist to their credit.

The closely-fought game kept fans on the edge of their seats as Champion showcased their resilience and determination. Poland put up a valiant fight, and their lone goal demonstrated their unwavering spirit.

With this hard-fought victory, Champion now advances to the Regional Semifinals, where they will face a new challenge in Norwayne.


WARREN OH- In an electrifying girls’ soccer showdown, Champion left no room for doubt, advancing to the district championship with an emphatic 6-1 triumph over Lakeview.

Maylee Nadaud was the undeniable star of the match, leaving her mark with a brilliant hat trick, showcasing her remarkable goal-scoring ability. Adding to Champion’s offensive prowess, Grayson Knoske notched a pair of goals, while Taylor Kuhn and Jackie Fields each made valuable contributions with one goal and one assist. The team’s attack was in high gear, overwhelming Lakeview’s defense.

Defensively, Allison Henderlight held her ground in the goal for Champion, making three crucial saves to preserve her team’s lead and secure the win.

With this impressive victory, Champion now sets its sights on the district championship game. They will face the second-seeded Poland, promising a thrilling battle between two formidable teams. The district championship showdown is scheduled to take place at Niles on Thursday at 6:00, and fans can expect an intense and fiercely contested match as both teams vie for the title.