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WARREN OH- Grayson Knoske, a sophomore standout on Champion’s girls’ soccer team, has earned her place among the best underclassmen in the area. Her impact on the team has been nothing short of remarkable, as she played a pivotal role in their undefeated regular season and district championship victory. What truly sets Knoske apart is her ability to perform like a seasoned senior. Her leadership qualities are already evident, and as she takes on more responsibility, her influence on the team is only set to grow.

Beyond her leadership, Grayson Knoske’s talent is undeniable. Throughout the season, opposing defenses have been confounded in their attempts to thwart her attacks on the goal. Her exceptional field vision and blistering speed make her an incredibly challenging force to stop.

In the 2023 season, Knoske’s statistics speak volumes of her contributions: she has scored 33 goals, provided 19 assists, and accumulated 85 points, averaging an impressive 4.3 points per game. Notably, she stands as the second-highest goal-scorer on the team, underscoring her significance to their success.

Currently, Grayson Knoske and her Champion Flashes are gearing up for the Regional Semifinal, where they will face off against Norwayne at Boardman High School this Tuesday. With kickoff scheduled for 7:00,

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