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East Palestine, OH-In the heart of Orwell, Ohio, the Grand Valley Mustangs are gearing up for an exciting football season that promises to be one of transformation and determination. After a challenging 2022 season, the Mustangs are ready to take the field once again, fueled by lessons learned and an unyielding drive to succeed.

The 2022 season wasn’t all the Mustangs had hoped for, ending with a 2-8 record. However, this was a significant improvement from their previous year, where they finished with a 1-7 record. Beyond the numbers, the Mustangs showed remarkable growth on the offensive front, and much of this progress can be attributed to their senior quarterback, Nate Boiarski. Boiarski’s impressive performance included amassing 1,225 passing yards and 15 touchdowns, leaving a legacy that would be tough to replicate.

With Boiarski’s graduation, the Mustangs are preparing to pass the torch to an emerging star, Sammy Goforth. An incoming junior, Goforth showcased his skills in the previous season, taking a few snaps as a sophomore. Now, he’s set to lead the team as the starting quarterback. Known for his agility and elusiveness, Goforth’s dynamic playing style promises to keep opposing defenses on their toes. As he steps into this pivotal role, the Grand Valley community is eager to witness his growth and impact on the field.

The Mustangs won’t be short on talent in the receiving department either. Returning to the field is Robert Rogers, who concluded the 2022 season as Ashtabula County’s top receiver. Rogers tallied an impressive 819 receiving yards on 56 receptions, with an astonishing 11 touchdowns to his name. His ability to create openings and his exceptional leaping skills have earned him the moniker “Grasshopper,” making him a force to be reckoned with on the field.

As the Mustangs embark on the new season, the backfield will be fortified by the presence of John Foss-Peters and Kam Cottrell. Both players are known for their hard-nosed, downhill running style, making them effective on inside runs as well as sweeps. With their combined prowess, they’re poised to make a significant impact on the Mustangs’ offensive strategy.

The offensive line, a cornerstone of any successful football team, will be anchored by senior Trevor Mullen and sophomore Austin Miller. Their experience and dedication are expected to provide the stability and protection needed to maximize the team’s offensive potential.

This season marks the Mustangs’ final year in the CVC conference before returning to the NAC conference for the 2024-2025 year. The team is also set to face new opponents, including Conneaut, Wickliffe, Berkshire, and Kirtland. While the upcoming schedule is filled with exciting matchups, one game that stands out is the clash against their rivals, Pymatuning Valley, in week 3. This game carries not only the promise of victory but also the prestigious Battle of the Valley Trophy.

When asked about their approach to the upcoming season, head coach Clint Nims emphasized the need for mental and physical toughness, along with a determination to finish strong. This sentiment encapsulates the Mustangs’ determination to overcome challenges and leave an indelible mark on the field.

Football enthusiasts in Orwell and beyond are eagerly awaiting the upcoming season, with expectations running high for the Grand Valley Mustangs. As they bid farewell to the CVC conference, this year promises to be a memorable swansong, filled with grit, passion, and the pursuit of victory. Make sure to catch all the thrilling action as the Mustangs charge forward, making history on the field. You can follow their journey on the home of High School sports in Ashtabula County, www.YSNlive.com.


East Palestine, OH- The Lakeside Dragons are poised to take the field once again, riding the momentum of a successful playoff season in 2022 where they secured a 6-5 record. Despite bidding farewell to some key graduating players, the Dragons are far from lacking in talent and determination. With a lineup that boasts experienced veterans and promising newcomers, anticipation is running high for what lies ahead on the gridiron.

One of the standout factors for the Lakeside Dragons this season is the return of their entire starting offensive line, a group that has earned a reputation as arguably the strongest line in the county. The formidable lineup includes Hasani Sy, Greyson Petros, Gavin “Moose” Grant, Randy Valeriano, and Ethan Hastings. With their collective prowess and unmatched teamwork, this offensive line is set to create crucial opportunities for the Dragons’ playmakers throughout the season.

The backfield will be a showcase of versatility, with a trio of skilled players ready to bring different strengths to the game. Leading the pack is Nate Bartone, who impressed in the 2022 season as the leading rusher with 626 yards and 7 touchdowns. Alongside him, Caleb Stitt and the lightning-fast Devin Miller offer dynamic skill sets that promise to be effective in various game scenarios.

Under the spotlight as the team’s second-year starter is quarterback Alex DiSalvatore, a towering presence at 6’4″ with an arm to match. DiSalvatore’s campaign in 2022 showcased his growth and determination, as he threw for 1,138 yards, connecting for 13 touchdowns while minimizing interceptions to 8. His primary target on the field is the playmaking Jimmy Timonere, whose exceptional ability to leap and secure catches makes him a formidable opponent for defensive backs.

The Dragons’ journey commences with a rematch against Eastlake North, a team they bested with a resounding 26-0 victory in 2022. As the season unfolds, the Dragons’ schedule reveals exciting new matchups that promise to test their mettle. Notable additions include games against NDCL in week 2, facing off against Youngstown’s powerhouse Ursuline in week 3, and rekindling an old NEC rivalry with Jefferson in week 7.

Buzz Edwards, the head coach of the Lakeside Dragons, is well aware of the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. Speaking about the season and the team’s expectations, Edwards emphasized the mixture of experienced underclassmen and talented newcomers. Edwards noted that the challenge lies in finding the right combination for success and urged veterans to step up into leadership roles to guide the team forward. Coach was quoted “ We have a very experienced group of underclassmen and returning players that are very talented and have been through it all. We also have a very talented but very inexperienced group of underclassmen who have not seen anything. Getting them coached up by the 18th of August is vital for us. We have to grow up fast. The challenge is trying to get the right combination for us to be successful. Some veterans need to realize there isn’t anyone that will come in and lead them anymore. It’s on them now to do it. “

For ardent supporters and curious fans, the Lakeside Dragons’ games will be available for live viewing on www.YSNlive.com, ensuring that the excitement of each play and every touchdown can be experienced from the comfort of home.

As the Lakeside Dragons prepare to make their mark on the gridiron once again, they do so with a sense of determination and camaraderie. With an unyielding offensive line, a versatile backfield, and a confident quarterback-receiver duo, the stage is set for the Dragons to capture hearts and ignite the spirit of competition in the 2023 football season.


East Palestine- Mason Pawlowski came into the 2022 football season with offers from various programs all interested in his ability to produce on and off the field. Serving as the cornerstone to the Regional Championship Jefferson Falcons offensive line he played an integral part in solidifying one of the most explosive offenses in Division IV region 13. While offers began to stack up for Pawlowski, Capital University stuck out the most and was ultimately chosen to be the place where he will fight in the trenches next year.


Pawlowski fully embraced the student portion of his student athlete title during his tenure at Jefferson High School as one of the top academic students in the school achieving a 4.0 GPA and becoming one of the top ranked students in his class. When speaking to head football coach Brandon Hanna about Mason he marveled at Pawlowski’s work ethic and his undying pursuit to become better every day. Whether he was blocking against the biggest and strongest defenders on the line or getting called into the backfield to serve as additional muscle Mason embraced and conquered any challenge that was placed before him. He looks forward to incorporating the Falcons mindset of “BTC” or Be The Change when embarking on his new journey at Capital University.


YOUNGSTOWN OH- The start of the fall season brings up one very important question, are you ready for some football? The people of the valley are on the edge of the seats ready for the season.  YSN’s Running Point is just as excited, and they have previewed every team in the YSN family.  Join Anthony Hartwig and Ty Bartell as they preview the 2021 Valley Christian Football season.


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