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CANFIELD, OH-  South Range High School’s junior baseball player, Tyson Tarajack, has been making waves in the local sports scene with his exceptional talent and unwavering dedication to the game. In a recent podcast interview with DJ Yokley, Tyson shared insights into his journey, his aspirations, and the importance of faith and family in his life.

Despite carrying the weight of a renowned family name in the baseball community, Tyson has made it his mission to pave his path and create his legacy. He mentioned, “I’ve decided to actually take it up a notch recently in my career. I feel like I’ve actually shown that all the work I put in, and I have a lot of people behind me on my team.”

Growing up with a strong support system, Tyson credits his father as his ultimate role model. “My dad will always be my role model, no matter what. He has done everything possible to get me where I am right now,” he shared during the interview. Tyson also highlighted the significant role his grandmother plays in his life, acting as a pillar of support alongside his father.

Faith plays a vital role in Tyson’s life, providing him with solace during challenging times. He expressed, “My faith is super important to me just to get through things. Finally giving my life to God and putting all my problems towards God has really cleared my mind.”

The recent loss of a close friend deeply affected Tyson and the South Range community. In response, they have rallied around the family and dedicated the rest of the season to honor the young man’s legacy. “We want to do everything we can for the family and honor him,” Tyson stated, reflecting on the tragedy.

Known for his composure on the field, Tyson emphasized the importance of staying focused and working diligently to improve his craft. “The biggest thing I have is just composure. No matter what happens on the mound, I don’t let anything get to me,” he noted.

With dreams of reaching the MLB and a strong work ethic driving him forward, Tyson remains focused on his goals. “When it’s all said and done, I just want to go as far as possible in baseball,” he shared, highlighting his determination to excel at the highest levels of the sport.

In conclusion, Tyson Tarajack exemplifies the resilience, determination, and humility that define a true sportsman. As he navigates the highs and lows of his baseball journey, his unwavering faith, family support, and commitment to his craft continue to guide him toward a bright future in the world of baseball.