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MCDONALD OH- Maria Rasile is part of a senior class that WS literally the building blocks of McDonald volleyball.  The program started four years ago. Here they are in just four years sitting as a top 5 seed in the district tournament and set up to fight for a chance to go to a district championship.

Maria has been an irreplaceable asset to this team. Unfortunately they have been without stand out setter Megan Klockner for a big chunk of the end of the season.  Maria, and her teammate Gianna Constantino have been asked to revert to a 6-2 offense and both set up the offense when they’re in the back row. It’s not a completely new position for either of them, but to be able to go right into that setter’s mentality on a moment’s notice is what is impressive.

Because of this change, Maria’s stats have become very well rounded.  Not only does she lead the team with 308 kills, but she also now sits at the team lead with 230 assists, and also leads the team in digs with 329.  There aren’t too many players in the area that have proven to be that important to their team’s success.

Rasile took the time this week to talk to YSN’s Anthony Hartwig. They talk about her family legacy at McDonald and what it’s like living up to it, watching the program build from the ground up, and so much more. Check out the latest McDonald Volleyball Player Profile with Maria Rasile.

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