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CANFIELD, OH-  In the latest episode of the YSN Player Profile podcast, hosted by DJ Yokley, we had the privilege of diving deep into the life and career of South Range baseball standout, Tyler Wardle. As Tyler embarks on the tail end of his senior year, he reflects on the years of effort, dedication, and growth that have shaped him both on and off the field.

The senior year is a whirlwind for many student-athletes, but for Tyler, it’s been particularly special. “I’ve been so blessed to spend with my teammates, with my senior class, the guys around me,” he shared. “These are the guys I grew up with, the people who’ve been around me for so long. And I am so blessed to share an experience like this with them.”

One of the key themes that Tyler echoed throughout the interview was the impact of falling short of expectations and how it drives him. He explained, “There’s something to be said of falling short of expectations. You know, it puts a sour taste in your mouth. It lights a fire under you. You know, you go from something that… this is our goal, this is what we’re going to do. And then you fall short of that… it’s a punch in the mouth.”

For Tyler, learning from these moments, especially within such a competitive conference, has been crucial. “Baseball is all about learning from what you’ve done wrong and what you can do better. And I think having a competitive league like we have is such a good experience.” This idea of continual learning was further emphasized when Tyler recalled a personal lesson from his time on the junior varsity team: “I showed up late and … got benched for that day. … It humbled me greatly and I realized that not everything is given. Sometimes I take things for granted and I have to learn not to do that.”

Navigating setbacks and growth wasn’t all that Tyler discussed. His burgeoning faith plays a significant role in his life, especially during challenging times. “During COVID I started reading my Bible. … I realized how much in there applied to me and how much I could apply to my life,” he said. His leadership in faith became even more prominent as he took on a role within the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) at South Range, stating, “God has made me the man I am today. It’s an absolute blessing.”

Heading to Grove City next year, the recruitment process was enlightening for Tyler. Contrary to the glamorous perception many have, it required intensive effort and visibility. “You gotta go make yourself known,” Wardle noted. “I never would have gotten recruited by Grove City if I didn’t go to their camp and be around the coaches.”

Tyler’s humility and team-centric attitude have left an indelible mark on his coach and teammates. Reflecting on his relationship with Coach Hanek, Tyler admitted that he initially found it challenging to connect. However, by striving to be a beacon of communication and leadership, he further solidified their bond, ensuring that the team operated harmoniously.

The senior quartet at South Range, which includes Tyler, has developed a unique camaraderie. Despite the individual pressures they face, they always come back stronger as a unit. Tyler said, “I … appreciate everything they’ve done for me, everything they’ve done for our team, and honestly, just for them being around, being good friends.”

Lastly, the influence of Tyler’s family has been monumental in his journey. With heartfelt gratitude, he mentioned his dad’s mentorship: “He’s like a watching presence who knows what you’re doing wrong and knows how to help you with it. He’s been an absolutely amazing father to me.” He also shared a touching sentiment about his mother: “After every game, she gives me a hug and says, ‘Good game, buddy.’ Having that hug and that, you know, little bit, means the world to me.”

In conclusion, Tyler Wardle’s story is one of resilience, faith, and unwavering support from his loved ones. As he moves forward to new challenges and opportunities at Grove City, we at YSN and the South Range community will undoubtedly cherish his contributions and root for his continued success.



CANFIELD, OH- On this episode, we have a special player profile for you, featuring an impressive athlete from the Canfield Cardinals. Get ready to dive into the world of Colton Tenney, a talented fullback and defensive end. 

We’ll explore Colton’s passion for football and how it has shaped his life. From the moment he attended his first football camp in Canfield, to his dedication to the sport year after year, we’ll learn what drives Colton’s aggression on the field.But don’t be fooled by his tough exterior. Off the field, Colton describes himself as a “respectful gentle giant,” a stark contrast to the intensity he brings to the game. We’ll find out how his coaches played a crucial role in helping him tap into his aggressive side, transforming him into a force to be reckoned with on the gridiron.As we delve deeper into our conversation, we’ll uncover Colton’s preference for defense, his love for chasing down opponents with the ball, and how the adrenaline rush fuels his performance.

We’ll also hear about his experiences as a fullback, battling it out on the offense and tackling the challenges that come with it.Football serves as more than just a sport for Colton. It has become a vital outlet, allowing him to channel his inner strength and resilience. Listen closely as he shares how football has helped shape his character and taught him the importance of perseverance, even when faced with adversity.Moreover, Colton sheds light on the significance of donning the “C” on his chest and representing the Canfield Cardinals.

We’ll discover what it means to him to be part of a tight-knit brotherhood and how their state championship win has fueled their determination to overcome obstacles and reach new heights.Join us as we explore the remarkable journey of Colton Tenney, a young athlete who exemplifies the spirit of never giving up.

Get ready for an inspiring and exhilarating episode that showcases the true power of football in shaping lives.





AUSTINTOWN, OH- In this episode, we explore the world of high school football as we sit down with Sergio Marinelli, the outside linebacker of the Austin Town Fitch Falcons.

We dive deep into Sergio’s upbringing and the role that his family plays in his life. From his hardworking father to his soccer-playing brother, we learn about the values and work ethic that have shaped Sergio into the player he is today.

Join us as we discuss Sergio’s journey as the heart of the team, his love for hitting on the field, and his iconic flowing hair.

We also touch on the upcoming game against Central Valley and the Ohio-Pennsylvania border battle. Tune in and get ready for some inspiring stories and football insights in this exciting episode Player Profile!