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CANFIELD OH- Physics 101 teaches us that kinetic energy is the energy of motion.  For Canfield, their motor constantly keeping them in motion is senior Jackie Kinnick.

Jackie is a captain of the team. And the Cardinals rely on her to keep them going. It hasn’t always been east this season. The first couple weeks did not go the way the Cardinals had hoped.  It would have been easy for the season to get out of hand, but Jackie and the other seniors on the team managed to pull the team together. Now they are on some kind of win streak. Kinnick has made dramatic improvements to her offense, and once she gets on the base paths it spells nothing but trouble for the other team.

Kinnick and her team are gearing up for a big game in the regional semifinals against reigning state runner up Wooster Triway.  The anticipation is building, but Jackie is confident that the team will be ready to go. The way they’ve been playing, they’ll definitely give themselves opportunities to win.

Kinnick stopped by YSN’s Running Point this week to talk about her senior season. She talks to Ty Bartell and Anthony Hartwig about what brought the team together, how they’re preparing for their regional game, and so much more. Fly with the Cards and check out the latest Canfield softball player profile exclusively on YSN.

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