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At 5’11-140 pounds, Senior Safety and Receiver James Fitzgerald is doing more this year than ever before.  The best part about the contributions is he’s doing it all over Crestview, and not just on the football field.

Fitzgerald is made up of so many things that make him a headache for opposing coaches:

He’s tireless- trying to wear him down during a game won’t work.  The young man plays a sport every season, and still somehow finds time to do his favorite hobbies such as hunting and play XBox.

He’s talented- he covers more ground defensively than the grass on the field.  If the game plan is going past #2 in black and gold- sorry about your luck!

He’s chippy- mostly known as the team’s enforcer on every playing surface- Fitzgerald’s Thor-like locks provide the natural attitude to play from whistle to whistle.

and most of all-

He wants to win- He’s very much one of the leaders on this Crestview team and understands his role is to rally teams with his play and with his motives.

We caught up with James prior to the Week 11 matchup with Gilmour to discuss his success on and off the football field.  Our Crestview Player Profile is: THE RIGHT FITZ