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YOUNGSTOWN, OH – It takes a lot of mental toughness when it comes to excelling at the sport of Cross Country, not only do you have to be in pristine physical shape, but you also have to be able to have the courage inside you to be able to push yourself when your body doesn’t want to go any further. Jarett Gordulic and Rachel Klucinec each embody what it takes to be successful at such a difficult sport. Jarett and Rachel are both coming off great performances at the Canfield Fairgrounds where they were able to place Top 50 in their events!

In this week’s dual-Player Profile, the two Cross Country standouts had the opportunity to discuss what it takes to be good in the sport, some of the things that they do to prepare themselves for events, what it’s like to be a student-athlete at Ursuline, and more!

* Contributed by Anthony Romo *