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BOARDMAN, OH- One of the best-kept secrets for the last 4 years has been Raider pass rusher, and pass catcher- JD Crouse.  The big-framed, high-octane standout has quickly developed into a staple of the South Range game plan.

Through seven games, Crouse has racked up the most tackles on the team at 36- and nearly half of them (16) are tackles for loss.  On the other side of the ball, JD has the second most receiving yards to go with his three touchdowns from the tight end position.

While Crouse is hardly sneaking up on opponents anymore, he definitely draws attention from coordinators on both sides of the football and must be accounted for any time he has cleats on the field.

We caught up with the senior standout to discuss the season so far, as well as what he expects to be doing in the future!  All that and more on this week’s edition of South Range Player Profile: Take it to the Crouse.