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LIBERTY OH- In another dominant performance, the Garfield football team continued their impressive run, triumphing over Liberty with a resounding 42-21 win. Garfield’s offense showcased its explosiveness, while their defense proved to be a formidable force throughout the game.

The 1st quarter kicked off with a bang as Garfield’s Keegan Sell exploded with a 47-yard touchdown run at 8:29. Liberty swiftly responded as Tawann Tutwiler connected with Dawaun Moody for a 36-yard touchdown pass with 3:09 left on the clock. However, Garfield struck again with Sell’s remarkable approximately 80-yard kick return into the end zone, just 12 seconds later. All extra points were successfully converted by Ethan Bittence, giving Garfield the edge.

The 2nd quarter was marked by Garfield’s offensive prowess, beginning with Brandyn Bogucki’s explosive 56-yard rushing touchdown at 7:58. Keegan Sell wasn’t to be outdone, as he added another impressive 49-yard rushing touchdown with just 41.5 seconds remaining. The quarter ended on a high note for Garfield when Deacon Sommer received a 16-yard pass from Eric Geddes into the end zone with 15.7 seconds left.

The 3rd quarter witnessed Liberty’s Tutwiler breaking free for a 49-yard rushing touchdown at 5:42. However, Garfield quickly responded with a 15-yard rushing touchdown by Grandizio.

The 4th quarter saw Liberty’s Tutwiler showcasing his speed once more with a breathtaking 74-yard rushing touchdown at 3:08, but it wasn’t enough to overcome Garfield’s dominant performance.

In the end, Garfield’s balanced offensive attack and resilient defense proved too much for Liberty to handle. The final score of 42-21 reflected Garfield’s continued success and their ability to overpower conference opponents. With this victory, Garfield maintained their impressive momentum and added another win to their impressive season record.


Newton Falls Secures Convincing 3-0 Victory Over Liberty

In an electrifying volleyball matchup, the Newton Falls team showcased their dominance on the court as they swept aside Liberty with a commanding 3-0 win. The final scores of 25-20, 25-23, and 25-13 reflect Newton Falls’ exceptional performance, leaving Liberty struggling to keep pace.

Newton Falls boasted several standout players who played crucial roles in their victory. Dani Drake was the epitome of excellence, contributing significantly in both setting and defense. She recorded an impressive 30 assists, 15 points, and an astounding 17 digs, earning herself a well-deserved double-double. Drake’s precise sets and remarkable defensive efforts were instrumental in her team’s success.

Jada Blutcher displayed her dominance at the net with 17 powerful kills that left Liberty’s defense scrambling to respond. Her ability to find gaps in the opponent’s block was a game-changer for Newton Falls.

Torrie Fanton was another key player, recording 11 assists, 16 points, and 11 digs, securing a double-double of her own. Her contributions in both setting and defense were vital to the team’s overall performance.

Lauren Bervish showcased her defensive prowess with 15 digs and 10 points. Her ability to keep the ball in play and thwart Liberty’s attacks was crucial to Newton Falls’ success.


LIBERTY OH- In an early morning varsity-only matchup, LaBrae and Liberty clashed in a rescheduled game due to a previous power outage. Both teams faced the challenge of adjusting to the unusual timing, but it was LaBrae that rose to the occasion, securing a convincing sweep with scores of 25-8, 25-20, and 25-7.

LaBrae’s performance was marked by standout contributions across the board. Rylee McDonough played a pivotal role, recording a double-double with 10 kills and 13 assists. Her versatility and ability to impact both the offensive and setting aspects of the game were instrumental in her team’s success. Additionally, McDonough chipped in with 3 digs, showcasing her defensive skills.

Taylor Burns showcased her prowess at the net with 8 kills, contributing to LaBrae’s powerful offensive display. Ella Kuszmaul added to the offensive firepower with 5 kills of her own.

On the defensive end, Khloe Sanderson displayed her prowess with 10 digs and 4 aces, making her presence felt both in the back row and at the service line. Shelby Bragg contributed significantly, tallying 14 assists, 7 aces, and 5 digs, orchestrating the team’s offense while also providing solid defensive support.

Liberty’s Lexi Muck put up a valiant effort with 6 kills, but LaBrae’s dominant performance proved too much for their opponents to handle.


NEWTON FALLS OH- In a high-scoring showdown on the road, the Liberty Leopards displayed their offensive prowess, securing a 49-33 win over a resilient Newton Falls team.

The game’s momentum shifted dramatically when Liberty’s Brandon Benson ignited a spark while his team trailed 7-6. Benson’s electrifying 82-yard kickoff return for a touchdown injected life into the Leopards’ effort.

Liberty’s offensive stars shone brightly, with quarterback Tawann Tutwiler leading the charge. Tutwiler made a significant impact with 100 rushing yards on seven carries and an impressive 9-of-16 passing for 107 yards and two touchdown strikes.

Running back Dawaun Moody contributed his share to the offensive explosion, tallying 74 yards on seven carries and punching in a touchdown. He also showcased his versatility with two receptions for 42 yards, including a touchdown catch.

Dwayne Moody made his presence felt, contributing a dynamic 41-yard touchdown run. He also showcased his receiving skills with a touchdown reception, accumulating 51 receiving yards on three catches.

On the other side, Newton Falls put up a valiant effort, led by Carter Rapczak. Rapczak carried the ball 22 times for 108 rushing yards and found the end zone three times. Through the air, he completed 8 of 11 passes for 48 yards.

Caden Short made his mark with five receptions for 28 yards, providing Rapczak with a reliable target.

In a contest defined by explosive offensive plays, both teams demonstrated their scoring capabilities. However, Liberty’s ability to capitalize on big moments and the standout performances of Tutwiler, Moody, and Benson paved the way for their 49-33 victory.


YOUNGSTOWN OH-!In a remarkable display of determination and resilience, Mooney’s volleyball team staged an incredible comeback from a seven-point deficit in set one to ultimately secure a sweeping victory over Liberty. The final scores of 26-24, 25-13, and 25-6 told the story of Mooney’s unwavering resolve and dominance on the court.

The first set set the tone for the match, as Mooney found themselves trailing 24-17. However, they mounted an astonishing comeback, refusing to concede and eventually clinching the set 26-24. This turnaround was a testament to their grit and determination.

Several key players played pivotal roles in Mooney’s impressive victory. Brinkley Bair was a force to be reckoned with, amassing 13 kills and contributing 2 blocks to the team’s efforts. Amarra Anderson added 10 kills and 4 blocks to her name, showcasing her prowess at the net. Jaida Lane demonstrated her versatility with 8 kills, 2 blocks, and an impressive 4 aces, proving her impact on both offense and defense.

Natalie Blasko orchestrated the team’s offense with precision, tallying 31 assists while also contributing 6 digs and 2 aces. Katie Frommelt held down the fort defensively with 8 digs and added 3 aces to her impressive performance.

The victory for Mooney was not only a testament to their individual talents but also their cohesion as a team. Their ability to bounce back from a significant deficit in the first set and then dominate the subsequent sets demonstrated their unity and resilience.

Looking ahead, Mooney will carry this momentum into their upcoming match as they travel to face South Range. This victory over Liberty will undoubtedly serve as a source of confidence and motivation as they continue their journey in the world of high school volleyball.


LIBERTY OH- In a captivating matchup that extended into overtime, Brookfield High School emerged victorious with a thrilling 41-39 win over Liberty.

The first quarter set the tone for an action-packed game, as Brookfield’s Kaiden Kirila found the end zone with a 4-yard run, giving his team an early 7-0 lead. Liberty swiftly responded, with Tawann Tutwiler breaking through for a 13-yard touchdown run, leveling the score at 7-7.

The second quarter continued to provide fireworks, as Kirila punched in another touchdown, this time from 1 yard out, to regain the lead at 14-7 for Brookfield. Liberty’s Dawaun Moody countered with a 15-yard touchdown run, but a blocked extra point attempt left Brookfield ahead at 14-13. Brookfield extended their lead when Rico Smith broke free for a remarkable 37-yard touchdown run, with just 29.7 seconds left in the half, pushing the score to 21-13.

Liberty’s determination shone in the third quarter, as Dwayne Moody broke through for a 46-yard touchdown run, narrowing the gap to 21-19 despite a failed two-point conversion attempt by Liberty. Brookfield responded with Kirila’s 11-yard touchdown run, but another blocked extra point kept the score at 27-19.

The fourth quarter was filled with dramatic moments. Liberty’s Dawaun Moody plunged in for a 2-yard touchdown run, making it a 27-25 contest. Brookfield’s Rico Smith answered back with a 3-yard touchdown run, but the two-point conversion attempt failed, leaving the score at 33-25. Liberty’s Tawann Tutwiler then connected with Brandon Benson for an impressive 48-yard touchdown pass, followed by a successful two-point conversion that tied the game at 33-33.

As the clock ticked down, regulation couldn’t contain the excitement, and the game ventured into overtime. Brookfield’s Kirila proved pivotal once again, dashing into the end zone with a 12-yard run. A successful two-point conversion put Brookfield ahead 41-33. Liberty fought valiantly, scoring a touchdown during their overtime possession. However, Brookfield’s defense stood tall, thwarting Liberty’s two-point conversion attempt and securing a dramatic 41-39 victory.

The game showcased the resilience and determination of both teams, with Brookfield ultimately emerging as the triumphant side in this thrilling overtime contest.


CAMPBELL OH- Campbell Memorial’s volleyball team reclaimed their winning form with a hard-fought victory over Liberty in a three-set thriller, demonstrating their resilience and determination on the court.

The first set set the tone for Campbell’s dominance as they secured a decisive 25-8 win, displaying their offensive firepower and strong defensive presence. This commanding performance put Liberty on the backfoot early in the match.

Liberty, however, fought back fiercely in the following set, pushing Campbell to the limit. The set ended with a tight scoreline of 26-24, but Campbell held their composure and determination, ultimately clinching the set.

The third set proved to be another closely contested battle, with both teams refusing to give in. Campbell managed to secure the set 25-23, illustrating their ability to thrive under pressure and close out a match.

Throughout the game, Campbell Memorial’s standout players showcased their skills. Kendall Brunn led the team with 12 kills, while MiLeena Williams contributed nine. The team’s blocking was led by Angeliz Diaz with two blocks, and Carla Ramirez Ortiz delivered 35 crucial assists. Cyra Cross, Gabby Villanueva Santos, Angeliz Diaz, and Jayda Coriano were instrumental in the defensive effort, recording significant dig totals.

This victory marks a turning point for Campbell Memorial as they regain their winning momentum. The team’s strong performance and resilience are indicative of their potential in the upcoming matches.


YOUNGSTOWN OH- Liberty showcased their dominance on the volleyball court with a convincing victory over Chaney, sealing the match with scores of 25-11, 25-15, and 25-12. The standout performance of the day came from Lexi Muck, who led her team’s offensive charge with an impressive 19 kills. Muck’s contributions didn’t stop there; she also recorded 2 blocks and served up an ace, highlighting her all-around abilities.

Mia Parker took charge of the playmaking duties, notching 2 kills, 17 assists, and an impressive 5 aces, making her a pivotal player in the team’s success. Chloe Fleps played a crucial role with 6 assists, facilitating the team’s offensive coordination. Amira Smith added to the team’s offensive firepower with 3 kills and contributed defensively with 1 block. Liberty’s well-rounded performance and standout individual efforts resulted in a commanding victory, underscoring their prowess on the volleyball court.


LIBERTY OH- Liberty awoke with determination, securing their first victory of the season in a commanding fashion, overpowering Crestview with a final score of 41-6. The game kicked off with Crestview’s Jake Doling capping an impressive 73-yard opening drive with a 17-yard rushing TD, although the PAT was missed, giving Crestview an early 6-0 lead. Liberty quickly responded as Dawaun Moody burst through the defense for a stunning 48-yard rushing TD, tying the game at 6-6.

In the second quarter, Liberty’s Dwayne Moody showcased his explosive speed with an incredible 85-yard rushing TD, followed by a successful 2-point conversion by Tawann Tutwiler, resulting in a 14-6 lead for Liberty. Crestview mounted a promising drive, but it ended at the Liberty 10-yard line following a Dwayne Moody interception with just 27 seconds left in the half.

After halftime, Liberty’s defense tightened, with Ethan Kane intercepting Crestview’s pass at the Liberty 25-yard line. Crestview struggled to find their rhythm, resulting in a three-and-out. Liberty capitalized on their momentum, with Dwayne Moody adding an 18-yard rushing TD and Tawann Tutwiler connecting with Dawaun Moody for a 33-yard TD pass, although the PAT was blocked, extending the lead to 20-6.

The fourth quarter continued to favor Liberty as Tayon Sly intercepted a pass and returned it for a 61-yard pick-six, with the PAT good, making it 35-6. Crestview’s woes continued as they fumbled the ensuing kickoff, giving Liberty excellent field position. Tutwiler added to the lead with a 40-yard rushing TD, although the PAT was no good, sealing the deal with a final score of 41-6 in favor of Liberty. This decisive victory marked a turning point for Liberty’s season, and they look ahead to their next matchup at home against Brookfield, while Crestview will seek redemption at home against Campbell Memorial.


LIBERTY OH- In an impressive display of skill, Liberty’s volleyball team secured a commanding sweep over Brookfield within the conference, with set scores of 25-22, 25-21, and 25-22.

The victory showcased Liberty’s prowess and determination on the court. Leading the charge was Lexi Muck, who contributed an impressive 12 kills, 3 blocks, and 1 ace. Mia Parker’s versatility was on full display as she notched 5 kills, 10 assists, 18 digs, and 1 ace, showcasing her impact in multiple facets of the game. Chloe Fleps played a crucial role with 10 digs and 7 assists, ensuring seamless coordination for the team. Trinity Patterson’s 3 kills further bolstered Liberty’s offensive efforts.

With this dominant win in their pocket, Liberty looks forward to their next challenge as they prepare to face Newton Falls in their upcoming match on Thursday.