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CANFIELD, OH- Madison Dado, a senior at South Range High School, was the guest on the YSN podcast’s South Range Raider show. Madi was a multi-sport athlete, excelling in both volleyball and softball.

Deangelos asked Madi about her responsibilities on the volleyball team, and she explained that she played different positions each year. She had gained a strong understanding of the middle position after playing it for two years, and she also played in the back row.

When it came to training for both sports, Madi mentioned that she consistently went to Troy Parks throughout each season. She focused on the specific sport she was playing at the time, giving her full attention to the current season.

Deangelos then mentioned Madi’s impressive abilities on the softball field, particularly her powerful throws. He noted that in both volleyball and softball, speed played a significant role. Madi explained that while she was in control as a center fielder in softball, playing volleyball required a different level of communication and understanding with her teammate, Anna Troy.

The conversation shifted to Madi’s role in guiding Anna, a freshman on the team. Madi credited Anna’s natural talent and ability to assimilate into the team seamlessly. Madi herself had received guidance from Reagan, a teammate who helped her navigate the back row position.

Her recent successful run with the team, having faced tough opponents has been impressive. The busy schedule allowed little time to relax, as they had to quickly shift focus to the next opponent. Madi also mentioned how she managed to balance her time during homecoming week, thanks to a day off provided by Coach Irons.

As the conversation moved toward Madi’s future goals, she expressed her desire to continue playing a sport at the collegiate level. She explained that her passion for the sport and the relationships she built through it were driving factors. However, she also shared her aspiration to become a physician’s assistant after college, inspired by her love for the show Grey’s Anatomy and her family’s background in healthcare.

Madi spoke fondly of her family, acknowledging the sacrifices they made to support her and her sisters’ sporting endeavors. Her parents, a nurse and a police officer, served as role models, always encouraging her to pursue her dreams.

Before wrapping up, Madi gushed about her excitement for a trip to Myrtle Beach. and expressed her enthusiasm for the upcoming experience.



CANFIELD OH- Last season as a freshman Madi Dado made her name known to the South Range softball fans, and the softball community. Not only did Dado become an integral part of the Raiders lineup last season, but she made two big game saving catches in their tournament run to the state championship.

Now coming into her sophomore season, Dado’s name is firmly on everyone’s radar. She loves the attention. She knows that while it brings pressure, it also validates the hard work she has put into her game.  The extra attention from opposing scouting reports hasn’t slowed Dado down one bit either. She is still one of the top hitters in the district. Pitchers will find it a tall task to keep Dado off the base paths.  Spending most of the season at the top of the order, you can easily see why the Raiders offense runs through her.

Madi is currently batting .484 on the season. That puts her second on the team.  Her on base percentage breaks the .500 mark sitting at .515.  Dado leads the team in hits with 44. Dado also leads the team in stolen bases with 18.  Madi takes a lot of pride in patrolling center field for the Raiders this season. She has played nearly perfect out there. She has made just one error all season.  She leads the Raiders outfield in putouts.

Dado took the time to come on to YSN’s Running Point this week to talk about her campaign and the upcoming regional semifinal against Tuslaw. She talks with Anthony Hartwig, and Ty Bartell about her success this season, keeping up the Raiders prestige as a program, and much more. Drop the anchors and get ready for regionals with the latest South Range softball player profile.

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