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BOARDMAN, OH- At the heart of Mill Creek, where the lush treelines meet the meticulously manicured lawns of the golf courses, I had the pleasure of speaking with Corey Buck, the newly appointed Recreational Manager of Mill Creek MetroParks. His coming to Mill Creek is not just a fresh start for the park but a beacon of innovation for community sports leagues and recreational programs. In our engaging conversation, Buck shared insightful reflections on his new role and the exciting prospects for the community.

Corey Buck hails from Tennessee and brings with him an extensive background in sports, fitness, and recreation. His journey to Mill Creek started with personal ties, “I’m from Tennessee, lived there for 26 years. But my wife is from this area, so it’s kind of what brought us up here,” Buck shared. His passion for community service and active lifestyle is evident. He described Mill Creek as “absolutely fantastic,” lauding the park’s recreation programs and stating with enthusiasm, “our rec programs are even better.”

Stepping into his new role, Buck outlines his responsibilities, indicating, “I oversee the recreation department’s sports leagues and various different programs that happen… mainly at Wick Recreation area and also at various points throughout the park.” As someone who has been intricately involved in recreational management across different states, Buck brings a wealth of experience and a fresh perspective to his role at Mill Creek.

The spring and summer months are shaping up to be vibrant and full of activities under Buck’s management. He shared exciting details about the new initiatives, “We just kicked off this past Tuesday a women’s par three league at the Wick recreation area. We also have a kayak club which is new this summer, which is open for beginners to advanced individuals.”

Interesting to note, beyond the routine responsibilities, Buck is enormously family-oriented—a value that deeply influences his work at Mill Creek. As a loving husband and a father, his personal experiences enrich his professional role. “Fatherhood is absolutely fantastic,” he gushed, explaining how parenthood influenced his patience and understanding—qualities that surely enhance his capabilities as a community leader.
On a lighter note, Buck retains his charming southern accent, which he mentions often reminds people of his Tennessee roots. “People still say they’re like, ‘oh, yeah, you’re not from here,’” Buck chuckled, taking pride in his heritage, “I love where I’m from. I love how I was raised.”

Corey Buck is more than just the new Recreational Manager at Mill Creek; he’s a beacon of community engagement, a loving father and husband, and now, an integral part of the Mill Creek family. As he settles into his role, the community can expect a surge in spirited and inclusive recreational programming that promises to invigorate and unite.

As the landscapes of Mill Creek continue to flourish under his stewardship, we are reminded of Buck’s words, “just being active and outdoors was always something that I loved.” It is this passion that is likely to transform Mill Creek into a dynamic hub for recreation and community bonding in the coming months.



It’s hard to argue with facts.  When you look at the rosters of the Astro Falcon organization from 10U up, you see the talent that is raw and moldable.  The chief artists among the top of the franchise are two men who have finally been afforded the opportunity to work together to build something special in Youngstown.  Astro Falcon General Manager, Steve Leslie, and Big B Astro Manager have been friends for years, but just this year have they become teammates.

Pletcher brought his successful reign as a manager of the Baird Brothers franchise to the Astro organization in 2019, along with his band of brothers, Emil Bertolini, and Pitching Coach, Billy McCartney.  The only thing missing was a seasoned coach who bled Blue and Orange and had ties to Astro Falcon yesteryear, and Leslie fit that mold perfectly.

So this year the Astro Falcons returned to glory with the championship of the Class B League, as well as a proud victory in the Bob Cene Memorial Tournament, and capped off with a trip to Laredo, Texas for the Palomino World Series.

“Our goal first and foremost was to create a great culture for our players from the bottom up, and Pletch understands and strives to give our families in the organization the best experience possible,” says Leslie.  “To give these young men an opportunity to represent their country, their state, their neighborhoods against the best competition in the world is something they’ll never be able to replicate.”  added the Astro GM.

Our Mark Franken caught up with both gentlemen for a special YSN Coach’s Corner presentation from Laredo, Texas.


Astro Falcon Manager- Don Pletcher


Astro Falcon/YSN General Manager- Steve Leslie