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GIRARD, OH- The Girard Indians are well represented this year in the All American Conference Awards for the Blue Tier.  Fourteen different Indians were selected for their accomplishments on the gridiron including the Player of the Year Award being slotted for Senior Quarterback, Mark Waid.

Mark Waid (AAC Blue Tier Player of the Year)

The Indians are still amidst their season and will resume this Saturday in Niles McKinley’s Bo Rein Stadium against a familiar foe, the Hubbard Eagles.

Congratulations to all the Girard players on their well-deserved accomplishments.

(Courtesy to John Gabriel-YSN)


Player of the Year
Mark Waid Girard 12
1st Team Offensive
Haedan Gump Girard 11 OL
Simi Moananu Liberty 11 OL
Zion Flanigan LaBrae 11 OL
Konner Johnston LaBrae 11 OL
Ethan McWilliams Brookfield 11 OL
Tyler Stephens LaBrae 12 TE/Ath
Walt Allie LaBrae 12 WR
Nick Malito Girard 11 WR
Mark Waid Girard 12 QB
Colton Stoneman LaBrae 12 RB
Morgan Clardy Girard 11 RB
1st Team Defensive
Jack DelGarbino Girard 12 DL
Daryl Smith Girard 12 DL
Raysean Hicks Campbell Memorial 12 DL
Connor Filipovich Brookfield 11 DL
Riley McCleary LaBrae 12 LB
Marco Donatelli Girard 12 LB
Zach Coman Liberty 12 LB
Jamil Bannister Girard 12 DB
Benton Tennant LaBrae 12 DB
Terrance Davis Girard 12 DB
Preston Rapczak Newton Falls 12 DB
Bailey McDermott Girard 12 K
Damian Airwyke LaBrae 12 P
2nd Team Offensive
Adam Rusnak Campbell Memorial 11 OL
Anthony Pratt Girard 12 OL
Nathen McCroby Labrae 12 OL
Christ Brooks Champion 11 OL
Diego Santiago Girard 12 OL
Migel Burgess Liberty 11 TE/Ath
Aidan Warga Girard 12 WR
Jimmy Jones Girard 11 WR
Kent Wolford LaBrae 12 QB
Tyler Briggs Brookfield 11 RB
Jalen McKinney Liberty 12 RB
2nd Team Defensive
Alex Wildman Champion 12 DL
Jacob Pawcio Champion 10 DL
Jakob Armeni Campbell Memorial 11 DL
Carter Coman Liberty 10 DL
Anthony Harris LaBrae 10 LB
Jarid Armeni Campbell Memorial 11 LB
Patrick Reardon Brookfield 10 LB
Gage Emery Brookfield 12 DB
James Shaffer Campbell Memorial 10 DB
Dom Harris LaBrae 11 DB
Kameron Thomas Liberty 12 DB


When you walk into a football stadium in week 1, there’s going to be a buzz no matter the town you’re from.  When your once in a generation Quarterback passes for over 300 yards in the first half, that buzz becomes electricity.

Girard’s Mark Waid has been the talk of the town for as long as anybody can remember, but when talking to anybody, he’s first to shed the credit.  He praises teammates, coaches, and family before he even speaks of what he does.  As Waid heads into Week 2 against rival Hubbard, we caught up with him to discuss the game, the season, and the college recruitment process for him.

Our first Girard Player Profile of 2018 is Mark Waid: WAID-ING FOR HIS MOMENT