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COLUMBIANA OH- John Bertovich got to 1,000 points in Heartland’s last game against Crestview, but Heartland waited to celebrate it at home Tuesday night, and even better his team got a tightly contested win over Jackson Milton 61-58.

The Lions were led by Joey Donofrio who finished the night with 18 points. Bertovich finished with 17. Nate Garzanich collected 9 points.

The Blue Jays got an impressive performance from Mason Robinson who scored a game-high 27 points. AJ Bouch contributed 9 points to the Blue Jays offense.


BERLIN CENTER OH- Both teams were clear to play as the basketball version of Ohio State Michigan was upon us as the Western Reserve Blue Devils hosted the Jackson Milton Blue Jays.  The game was close from start to finish, but in the end, the Blue Jays silenced the haters as they pulled out the upset against the Blue Devils 65-61.  


For Jackson Milton, it was Mason Robinson leading the team with 19 points, a good chunk of them coming at the end when he was fouled went to shoot one and ones.  Cole Grope finished with 11 points, Nick McGinnis with 12 points, Aaron Romigh with nine points, Frank Prozy with seven points and AJ Bouch with five.  The Blue Jays finished 14 and 30 from two, six of 21 from three, 19 of 25 on free throws, 29 rebounds, and 11 assists.  


For Western Reserve, it was both Noah Klasic and David Altiere with 11 points with some being behind the arc.  Ryan Gordon and David Ashburn finished with 10 points, Nick Martin had nine, Gabe Platt finished with eight, and Hayden Fellows finished with two.  They finished 19 of 37 from two pointers, 6 of 23 from three, five of ten from free throws, 29 rebounds and 12 assists.  


Up Next: Jackson Milton (3-2) will host Leetonia while Western Reserve (2-3) hosts Campbell Memorial.  


*Contributed by YSN’s Ian O’Brien*


LAKE MILTON OH- Jake Sylak led the Rams to another first place finish on Friday beating out Jackson Milton, and Badger. Individual scores are as follows.

Mineral Ridge (5-1,2-1) Jake Sylak 32, Trey Rigley 53, Blaine Spitler 55, Christopher McMahan 57

Jackson Milton (2-3,0-2) Mason Robinson 41, Jake Gross 52, Logan Sokul 53, Mason McDevitt 57

Badger – Hudson Rice 44, Mateo Fenn 51, Carter Burnett 57, Lex Sheets 57

*Story contributed by Shawn Brown at ramsathletics.org