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LOUISVILLE OH- Since the moment Matti Benson first stepped onto the Louisville softball field, she’s captured the hearts and imaginations of fans across northeast Ohio. Her high school career reads like a fairytale, marked by a staggering number of home runs that defy the norm and redefine excellence.

Benson’s journey is one of records and milestones. With the program record for home runs in a season, runs in a career, and tied for the career home run record, her impact on Louisville softball is nothing short of legendary. But what sets Benson apart isn’t just her impressive statistics; it’s her humble leadership and unwavering commitment to the team’s success.

Despite her individual accolades, Benson has always put the team’s goals above her own. As a humble leader, she leads by example, inspiring her teammates to greatness while remaining grounded in her pursuit of excellence. Her influence extends beyond the diamond, serving as a shining example to the youth of Louisville’s program, ensuring a bright future for Leopard softball.

Benson’s dedication to self-improvement is unparalleled. With a keen ability to self-coach and dissect her own game, she continually strives to elevate her performance to new heights. Her unparalleled work ethic serves as a benchmark for her peers, a testament to her relentless pursuit of greatness.

Even as she prepares to embark on the next chapter of her journey, signing on to play Division 1 softball at Maryland, Benson’s impact on local softball will resonate for years to come. Her legacy isn’t just measured in statistics; it’s measured in the lives she’s touched and the inspiration she’s provided to a generation of aspiring athletes.

In the annals of northeast Ohio softball, Matti Benson isn’t just a player; she’s a phenomenon, a symbol of excellence, dedication, and unwavering passion. As she prepares to leave her mark on the collegiate stage, one thing remains clear: the legend of Matti Benson will endure long after she’s moved on to the next level.

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LOUISVILLE OH- They say that records are made to be broken. That fact has been proven time and time again. But usually they aren’t broken by your sophomore year in high school. For Louisville Leopard standout Matti Benson that is exactly the case.  In her sophomore season to go along with her big numbers, she belted 12 home runs which was good for the Louisville record for most in a season. Matti has two more seasons to go as well. Who knows? Maybe she’ll break her own records.

To be as elite as Matti is you have to be dedicated. You have to be willing to sacrifice things that other people aren’t.  That is what Matti has done to get to this point. Her work ethic is above reproach.  When you add that work ethic to an abundance of God given talent, you get a dangerous combination.  One of the things that drives Benson is her competitiveness.  She gets pushed by her teammates, and by her opponents to be better. Benson surrounds herself with people who have dreams as big as hers, so when she looks around she sees players working just as hard. Naturally she always wants to out work them, which is constantly raising her bar of success.

This season, Benson hit .470 at the plate with 12 home runs and 33 RBI. Her slugging percentage was an eye popping 1.072.  She also added 8 doubles and 3 triples to her totals. Benson is no slouch on the field either. She commands the middle of the infield with a fielding percentage of .951. In 122 total chances she has made just 6 errors.

Benson was gracious enough to give her time to sit down with YSN’s Anthony Hartwig to talk about her season. She also talks about breaking the home run record, her roll models in the program’s past, and much more. Earn your spots and check out the latest Louisville softball player profile only on YSN.

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