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LOWELLVILLE OH- In a gritty defensive showdown, Lowellville emerged victorious over conference rival McDonald, prevailing in a hard-fought battle by a final score of 38-33. In a game characterized by tough defense and intense competition, Lowellville managed to secure a crucial win.

Leading the charge for Lowellville was Matt Lucido, who paced the team with 11 points, while Michael Ballone added 7 points and Drew Modelski contributed 6 points, helping to power Lowellville’s offense against McDonald’s stout defense.

On the McDonald side, Drew Zajack led all scorers with 13 points, followed closely by Wyatt Wolford with 12 points, but their efforts ultimately fell short against Lowellville’s defensive resilience.

With the win, Lowellville improves to a 14-8 record on the season and looks ahead to their next challenge in the tournament. They are set to face the winner of Springfield vs. Open Door Christian on March 1st in what promises to be an exciting postseason matchup.

Meanwhile, McDonald will regroup and prepare for their own tournament game, as they are slated to host Kidron Central Catholic on Tuesday. Despite the setback, McDonald remains a formidable opponent and will surely bring their A-game as they look to make a statement in the postseason.



NEW MIDDLETOWN, OH-  In a fiercely contested matchup between two powerhouse teams, the Springfield Tigers emerged victorious over the McDonald Blue Devils, clinching a share of the MVAC Scarlet division championship in a nail-biting 46-43 win.

From the opening tip-off, both teams showcased their determination to claim victory and secure their place at the top of the division standings. The intensity was palpable as the Tigers and Blue Devils battled relentlessly throughout the game, leaving spectators on the edge of their seats until the final buzzer sounded.

Leading the charge for the Springfield Tigers was Aidan Appel, whose stellar performance propelled his team to victory. Appel showcased his versatility and skill on both ends of the court, tallying an impressive 13 points while also contributing 5 steals and 3 assists. His leadership and tenacity set the tone for the Tigers’ resilient effort against a formidable opponent.

Joining Appel in the Tigers’ offensive onslaught was Carson Cunningham, who delivered a strong performance with 9 points and 3 rebounds. Cunningham’s contributions were instrumental in providing the Tigers with much-needed offensive firepower throughout the contest.

Dylan Sheely emerged as a force to be reckoned with once again, making significant contributions on both ends of the floor. Sheely’s dynamic play resulted in 8 crucial points, while his defensive prowess was evident with 5 steals and 3 assists, further solidifying his impact on the game.

Additionally, Sean Guerriero showcased his all-around skillset, contributing 6 points, 3 assists, and 4 rebounds to the Tigers’ winning effort. Guerriero’s contributions on both ends of the court played a pivotal role in securing the victory and clinching a share of the division championship.

Despite a valiant effort from the McDonald Blue Devils, led by Drew Zajach with 15 points and Joey Cappuzzello with 11, the Tigers’ relentless determination and cohesive teamwork ultimately proved decisive in securing the crucial victory.

With this hard-fought win, the Springfield Local High School Tigers etched their name into the annals of MVAC Scarlet division history, securing a share of the championship and cementing their status as one of the top teams in the conference. As they celebrate this momentous achievement, the Tigers look ahead with optimism and determination, eager to continue their success as they set their sights on even greater accomplishments in the postseason and beyond.


By Matt Maher 

MCDONALD, OH – Another Friday night, another great matchup between two Mahoning Valley Athletic Conference teams! This time around McDonald hosted Waterloo and these two fierce competitors showed strong defense and great free throw shooting in a tight 37-33 game that went to Waterloo in the final seconds.


The first quarter was close for the majority of play but Waterloo, with the help of some fouls, started to run away as the quarter ended 15-9 in favor of the visitors. Drew Zajack led his team in scoring with 5 points while Wyatt Wilford scored the first 2 points and found 2 more from the line. Gage Hawley was an impressive rebounder for the Vikings and found 5 points to start off his night including going a perfect 2-for-2 but the real star of the free throw line was Jackson Eichler who found 5 of his 7 points from the line going a perfect 5-for-5.


Waterloo found more scoring from the field in the 2nd while McDonald struggled to find any room in the crowded offensive zone. The quarter would go to Waterloo 13-8. Zajack found 4 more points in the paint while Joey Cappuzzello and Wilford both scored 2 points. Eichler continued to lead his team with 5 more points including a 3 and Kyle Werbeck and Hawley both found points beyond the arc. 


McDonald was disappointed with their first half efforts and came out with a strong response in the third, scoring 12 points and only allowing Waterloo 3. 2 of Waterloo’s points came from Drew Flarida who put up a contested jumper while Eichler found 1-of-2 from the line. Casey Miller found some energy and mustered 5 points starting off with a huge 3. Wilford found 4 points while Brady Klockner found his first 3 of the night.


Both teams locked down their defense in the 4th quarter and after McDonald got so close in the 3rd, Waterloo needed this quarter to go the way it did with them scoring 5-4 and capping off the night their way. Miller went 1-for-2 from the stripe while Zajack hit a game tying 3 but that tie would not last for too long as Waterloo was able to draw 3 different fouls in this frame with the last one on Hawley being the nail in the coffin, The Vikings went 5-for-5 from the line with 4 coming from Eichler and the other two from Hawley.


The free throws were landing for Waterloo and their precise shooting was ultimately what won this game for them and kept them neck and neck with Springfield for 1st place as they went 14-15 as a team. McDonald can’t be underestimated because they have proved all season they can compete against the big dogs of this conference and tonight was no different. Waterloo (13-4, 10-2) have the biggest game of the season on tap when they host Springfield on February 6th at 7:00PM (that game is scheduled to be on YSN) and McDonald (9-9, 6-5) will host Jackson-Milton on the 6th at 7:00PM. 


BERLIN CENTER OH- In a decisive victory on Thursday night, Western Reserve wasted no time in dispatching MVAC rival McDonald, securing a convincing 50-24 win.

The standout performers for Western Reserve were Kylee Ramsey, who led the scoring with an impressive 25 points, and Alyvia Hughes, who contributed 17 points. On the McDonald side, Addison Grewell notched 7 points, while Cierra Shiley added 6.

With the win, Western Reserve boasts a 10-6 record and looks ahead to a road trip to Sebring on Monday. McDonald (6-9) will regroup before their upcoming matchup against Springfield on February 5th. The dominant performance by Western Reserve showcased their strength as they continue to navigate through the season.


MINERAL RIDGE OH- In a dominating performance, Mineral Ridge made quick work of McDonald on Thursday, securing a decisive 71-22 victory and maintaining their strong position in the MVAC.

Sullivan Sandy led the scoring charge for Mineral Ridge with an impressive 20 points, supported by Ava Hulett contributing 16 points, and Gianna Gilbert, Lily Merolillo, Norah Schnieder, and Sam Aulet each adding points to the winning effort.

With this commanding win, Mineral Ridge (14-1) looks forward to a home non-conference game on Monday as they host Mogadore. Meanwhile, McDonald (5-7) will stay within the league, traveling to Sebring on Monday in pursuit of a rebound victory.


McDONALD, OH- Senior Wyatt Wolford and sophomores Brady Klockner and Joey Cappuzzello each contributed 12 points to lead McDonald (7-6) to their seventh win of the season, matching their previous year’s total. Notably, this victory marks the Blue Devils’ first triumph over the Tigers since January before the pandemic.

The McDonald Blue Devils, led by a youthful roster of eight sophomores, appear to be finding their groove as they navigate the challenges of the season. The team’s recent hard-fought 57-54 home victory against the experienced Springfield Tigers is a significant win that they hope will fuel their momentum moving forward.

In a closely contested matchup, Springfield (9-3) held a slim 9-7 lead after the first quarter. However, McDonald kicked off the second quarter with a quick three-pointer from Klockner, sparking a pivotal 7-0 run for the Blue Devils. The teams traded blows, with Tigers junior Carson Cunningham scoring eight points in the second quarter, giving Springfield a 32-31 lead at halftime.

The turning point came in the second half, as McDonald’s Casey Miller hit a crucial three-pointer, and Cappuzzello made a pair of free throws to give the Blue Devils a lead they wouldn’t relinquish. A decisive 9-0 run, featuring clutch threes from sophomores Jonathan Black and Drew Zajack, kept the Tigers at bay until the final minutes.

For Springfield, Aiden Appel led the scoring with 13 points, while senior Sean Guerriero added 12. Dylan Sheely (11) and Carson Cunningham (10) also reached double figures.

McDonald Blue Devils now look ahead with confidence, building on this significant win as they continue their season journey.


By Matt Maher 

MCDONALD, OH – McDonald hosted Lowellville Thursday night for another great Mahoning Valley Athletic Conference matchup! The two teams showed very similar play styles with turnovers and scoring capabilities and because of that the game ended 50-40 in favor of the Rockets. 


McDoanld had the hot hands to begin this game as Cierra Shiley scored the first 5 points of the game. Addison Grewell also scored 5 points in the quarter while Gracie Callow found two impressive 3’s to score 6. Serena Tych and Gianna Palumbo would both score 4 points for Lowellville while Sydney Procick found 3 with a layup and a made free throw. 


Both teams stayed at it in the 2nd. Shiley scored 6 points all under the hoop as a dominant presence. Sophia Pecchia would also hit a 2 for the Blue Devils. Tych scored 4 more points for the Rockets and Morgan Lewis found an impressive 3 from far beyond the arc. Both teams played good defense against each other in the first half which contributed to the low scoring frames.


McDonald continued to be outscored coming out of the break, putting up 10 points to 12. Callow found two 2’s to lead her team this quarter while Grewell made 2 of 2 free throws. Lowellville saw Tych score 4 points including 2 from the line. Isabella Wilrich would also find a nice 3 for Lowellville to help them stay on top. 


Lowellville would see only two players score in this frame in Tych and Wilrich. Wilrich found 2 points in the paint while Tych found 9 points primarily from the line where she went 5 for 6. McDonald would only see the likes of Cierra Shiley find the bucket with 5 more points to her team leading 18. 


McDonald had their struggles against Llowellville including a multitude of turnovers in the 1st quarter and a number of powerful shots that went a little too far over the rim. Serena Tych would lead all scorers with an impressive 21 points, she was an all star on the hard wood for sure on Thursday night. Lowellville will stay on the road when they travel to Columbiana to face the Clippers at 6:15PM on January 15th. McDonald will hit the road when they visit Mineral Ridge on January 18th at 5:30PM. 


MCDONALD OH- In a fiercely contested battle on Tuesday night, Waterloo showcased their resilience, securing a hard-fought 61-52 road victory against McDonald, further solidifying their impressive season.

Leading the charge for Waterloo, Gage Hawley delivered a stellar performance with 24 points, supported by Jackson Eicher with 12 points and Kaii Warren with 10 points, as the team fought their way to success.

McDonald, displaying their own tenacity, had notable contributors in Wyatt Wolford with 15 points, Joey Cappuzzello with 11 points, and Drew Zajack with 9 points.

With this win, Waterloo advances to a 6-3 record and sets their sights on maintaining their winning momentum as they travel to face Springfield on Friday. McDonald, at 5-5, looks to bounce back as they hit the road to take on Jackson Milton in their upcoming Friday matchup.


MCDONALD OH- Springfield secured another impressive MVAC win, dominating McDonald with a 53-25 victory on Monday.

Ava Vecchione led the way with an outstanding performance, scoring 20 points, while Jameka Brungard added 10 points and Karigan Mullen contributed 6 points.

With this win, Springfield advances to a 9-4 record and looks forward to continuing MVAC play by hosting Jackson Milton on Thursday. On the other hand, McDonald, standing at 5-5, will have a home matchup against Lowellville on Thursday.


BERLIN CENTER, OH- To say that Josh Klasic was in the zone on Friday night is a bit of an understatement.  In a game where points were at a premium, the Western Reserve posted a double-double en route to a victory in Reserve’s barn over McDonald to the tune of 38-27.

Klasic led the way for Reserve with 20 points and 14 rebounds, while he was supplemented by seven points from the big man, Andrew Hendricks, and a four-point effort from Connor Cochran.

For McDonald, their offensive efforts were highlighted by nine points from Chris Ragazzine and Brady Klochner’s six points.  Senior, Wyatt Wolford chipped in four points in the effort as well.

Western Reserve improves to 2-8 overall and gets their first MVAC victory, while McDonald suffers their first league loss, and stands at 5-5 on the year.