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MCDONALD OH- McDonald Track & Field has been the definition of sustained success through the years.  Before Saturday, McDonald has seen 70 athletes in its history win a state championship.  Megan Hipple would make the number 71 on Saturday as she stepped on the top of the podium in the 3200 m race.

Hipple hasn’t spent her whole life as a runner. She started her journey into track in field in Jr High.  It hasn’t been long, but she has made quick strides all the way to a state champion. Her growth has been short and quick, but her racing is paced out and long. That’s the nature of running long distance. Learning the rhythm of the race and when and where to make her moves has been so important to her success.  She has had tremendous coaches along the way, and in this interview she shouts them all out.

Hipple took the time to come on YSN’s Running Point to talk about her state championship moment. She talks with Anthony Hartwig and DJ Yokley about the work put in to get to this point, the emotions that she went through on the podium, and so much more. Check out this exclusive interview with McDonald’s newest state champion only on YSN.

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