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MCDONALD OH- In the intricate world of volleyball, Megan Klockner stands tall as a setter—a position often likened to that of a quarterback in football. With remarkable finesse and strategic prowess, Klockner has become the driving force behind the McDonald High School volleyball team. But her journey to this point has been marked by challenges and resilience that have only fueled her determination to excel.

In 2022, Klockner’s season was cut short by an untimely injury—an adversity that tested her mettle both physically and mentally. However, the setback only served to strengthen her resolve. Now, in 2023, she’s back in action and at full strength, reminding us all of the tenacity that defines her character.

Few stories illustrate perseverance as vividly as Klockner’s. Overcoming obstacles has become a hallmark of her journey. A true testament to her spirit is the unwavering support of her father, Mike Klockner, who also happens to be the head coach of the team. Their dynamic goes beyond the typical player-coach relationship, embodying a shared passion for the sport and an unbreakable bond.

Klockner’s commitment to her craft extends beyond the high school season. In the off-season, she engages in high-level club volleyball, a testament to her dedication to continually hone her skills. This dedication was evident in her 2022 stats, where she amassed 191 assists over 24 sets played, averaging an impressive 8 assists per set. Her contributions spanned across the court, with 78 digs, 14 aces, and 6 blocks showcasing her all-around prowess.

The start of 2023 has brought fresh opportunities for Klockner to shine. In just two games, she’s managed an astounding 52 assists, averaging 8.7 assists per set, along with 8 aces and 16 digs. These statistics exemplify not only her skill but also her ability to elevate the team’s performance.

As Klockner’s high school journey nears its conclusion, the future holds exciting prospects. With her sights set on college, she plans to continue her volleyball journey, ready to make an impact on a new stage. Megan Klockner’s story is one of resilience, determination, and an unrelenting passion for the sport she loves—an inspiration to her teammates, peers, and all who witness her remarkable journey.


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