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Ashtabula,OH- As the winter season approaches, the anticipation for high school basketball in Ashtabula County is reaching its peak. The upcoming 2023-2024 season promises thrilling matchups, fierce competition, and a showcase of young talent. Let’s take a closer look at some of the teams that are gearing up for an exciting campaign.

Lakeside Dragons: Rising with Height and Experience

The Lakeside Dragons enter the season with a determination to improve upon their 6-17 record from the previous year, and they have the tools to make it happen. Head coach Josh Hartz leads a squad with a formidable frontcourt, boasting four seniors, all standing at 6’3 or taller.

Aiden Hathy, a 6’6 senior swing player, brings versatility to the team, excelling in both paint defense and scoring from inside and outside. Alex DiSalvatore, a 6’4 senior, adds toughness and strength in the paint, complemented by his ability to defend perimeter shooters. With seniors Connor Mead and Kerrye White also contributing, the Dragons aim to utilize their size advantage strategically.

In the backcourt, junior guard Dylan Newsome assumes the role of primary ball handler and distributor, showcasing sharpshooting prowess on offense and formidable on-ball defense.

Jefferson Falcons: A Deep and Skilled Lineup

The Jefferson Falcons, coming off a 16-7 season, present a well-rounded team with depth and skill. Junior Anthony Covetta leads the charge, showcasing shooting ability, ball skills, and an increased focus on defense that positions him as one of the county’s most dangerous players.

Supporting Covetta is the experienced Robbie Pisano, a cerebral point guard, and senior Joey DeGeorge, a 6’5 stretch four with a high release point. The Falcons feature depth in the guard position with talents like sophomore Joel Navarro and junior Caleb Welser.

Entering the challenging CVC conference for the first time, the Falcons aim to make their mark and build on last year’s success.

Edgewood Warriors: Filling Big Shoes with a Well-Rounded Approach

The Edgewood Warriors face the challenge of filling the void left by their top scorer, Zach Vencill. With a 15-10 record in the previous season, the Warriors look to senior Jacob Ernst to lead the charge. Ernst’s well-rounded game includes excellent ball handling, three-point shooting, and strong finishes at the rim.

Senior Logan Kray, known for his rebounding prowess, contributes on the offensive end with his shooting and playmaking abilities. The underrated defender Brady Anderjack adds a tenacious on-ball defense to the mix.

The Warriors’ strategy involves spreading the floor with sharpshooters and pushing the pace with quick guards like Zach Carlton-Hull.

St. John Heralds: Youthful Backcourt and Emerging Big Men

After finishing the 2022-2023 season at 6-17, the St. John Heralds face the challenge of filling the gap left by the graduation of post player Jesus Hernandez. With a youthful team, senior AJ Hensley leads as the lone senior.

The Heralds will heavily rely on their backcourt play, with junior Vin Narducci and sophomore Anthony Severino leading the charge. Narducci’s scoring ability and Severino’s slippery moves on the court bring a dynamic element to the team. Junior Aaron Wychock, known for his quick defensive presence, adds energy to the backcourt.

In the paint, the Heralds turn to sophomores Anthony Petrochello and Donald Crawford to control the boards and provide a strong presence.

Grand Valley Mustangs: Frontcourt Dominance

Coming off a 7-16 season, the Grand Valley Mustangs aim to replace the scoring and court presence of dynamic guard Nate Boiarski. The team looks to seniors Bobby Rogers and Jerry Schultz to lead the charge in the frontcourt.

Rogers, with unmatched athleticism and elite off-ball defensive skills, contributes both in rebounding and scoring. Schultz, following a breakout junior season with a double-double average, anchors the center position with scoring and shot-blocking prowess.

Guards Braden Hart and Sammy Goforth take charge of ball handling and setting the tone on offense, showcasing their scoring ability and playmaking skills.

Pymatuning Valley Lakers: Reloaded for Success

After a stellar 20-4 season crowned with a NAC conference championship, the Pymatuning Valley Lakers enter the new season without dynamic players Tyler Britton and John Moschell, who graduated. However, the team returns with a talented post player in Blake Krznaric, a sharpshooter with shot-blocking abilities who stands at a towering 6’5.

The Lakers’ backcourt features dynamic guards in Ryan Croston and Zane Neczeporenko. Croston stands out as the team’s best on-ball defender, while Neczeporenko’s ball-handling and shooting skills contribute to offensive opportunities.

Conneaut Spartans: New Coach, Young Talent

After a 5-18 season, the Conneaut Spartans embark on the 2023-2024 journey with a new coach, Rich Marshall. The team, featuring only two seniors in Chance Loomis and JR Hutchinson, embraces a youthful roster.

Loomis, a talented guard with exceptional ball-handling skills and sharpshooting ability, provides offensive firepower. Hutchinson, playing guard and forward, contributes through defense and energy, aiming to spark the Spartans.

With no players over 6’2, the Spartans plan to utilize pace, energy, and technical play to navigate the challenges of the upcoming season. Rotations featuring Noah Hamm, Ryan Turner, Jordan Kulko, Cole Stump, and Devonte Harris will provide different looks and maintain a dynamic playing style.

As the season unfolds, basketball enthusiasts in Ashtabula County can look forward to witnessing the growth and development of these teams, filled with promising talents and a shared passion for the game. Whether it’s the Dragons utilizing their size advantage, the Falcons showcasing depth, or the Lakers defending their conference championship, the stage is set for an exhilarating journey on the hardwood. The county’s basketball landscape is rich with stories waiting to be written, and each team is poised to contribute its chapter to the unfolding narrative of the 2023-2024 season. This year looks to be a fun and exciting year in hoops and you will be able to watch and follow all your favorite teams right here on www.ysnlive.com your home for northeast ohio high school sports.

The Lumberjack Classic Softball Home Run Derby/Championship Game


05-07-2024Baseballvs Edgewood
05-06-2024Baseball@ Edgewood
05-02-2024Baseball@ St. John
04-30-2024Baseballvs Madison
04-24-2024Baseball@ Lakeside
04-10-2024Baseball@ Conneaut
03-06-2024Boy's Basketballvs Lutheran West
02-23-2024Boy's Basketballvs Perry
02-17-2024Boy's Basketballvs Lakeside
02-16-2024Boy's Basketballvs Badger
02-13-2024Boy's Basketballvs Grand Valley
02-03-2024Girl's Basketballvs Edgewood
02-02-2024Boy's Basketballvs Edgewood
01-31-2024Girl's Basketballvs Madison
01-30-2024Boy's Basketballvs Madison
01-16-2024Boy's Basketballvs Geneva
01-12-2024Boy's Basketballvs Harvey
12-19-2023Girl's Basketball@ Edgewood
12-13-2023Boy's Basketball@ Lakeside
12-09-2023Girl's Basketball@ Girard
11-27-2023Girl's Basketballvs Lakeview
10-18-2023Girl's Soccer@ Canfield
10-13-2023Footballvs Edgewood
09-29-2023Footrball@ Lakeside
09-15-2023Footballvs Lutheran East
09-08-2023Football@ Perry
09-01-2023Football@ Beaver Local
08-25-2023Footballvs Lakeview
08-18-2023Football@ Girard
04-26-2023Softball@ Girard
04-26-2023Tennis@ Struthers
04-19-2023Baseball@ Struthers
04-15-2023Baseballvs St. John
04-15-2023Baseballvs Geneva
04-13-2023Softball@ Edgewood
04-11-2023Baseball@ Lakeview
03-28-2023Baseball@ South Range
03-28-2023Softball@ South Range
02-14-2023Boy's Basketballvs South Range
02-03-2023Boy's Basketball@ Niles
02-02-2023Girl's Basketball@ Lakeview
01-27-2023Boy's Basketball@ South Range
01-23-2023Boy's Basketball@ Niles
01-20-2023Boy's Basketballvs Jefferson
01-19-2023Girl's Basketball@ South Range
01-17-2023Boy's Basketball@ Hubbard
01-13-2023Boy's Basketball@ Struthers
01-09-2023Girl's Basketball@ Hubbard
01-06-2023Boy's Basketball@ Girard
01-05-2023Girl's Basketballvs Lakeview
12-22-2022Girl's Basketball@ Girard
12-19-2022Girl's Basketball@ Poland
12-16-2022Boy's Basketball@ Lakeview
12-13-2022Boy's Basketballvs Poland
12-09-2022Boy's Basketballvs Hubbard
12-08-2022Girl's Basketball@ Struthers
12-07-2022Bowling@ Struthers
11-26-2022Footballvs Glenville
11-19-2022Footballvs West Branch
11-12-2022Footballvs Canton South
11-04-2022Footballvs Girard
10-28-2022Footballvs Poland
10-21-2022Football@ Lakeview
10-14-2022Football@ Poland
10-07-2022Footballvs South Range
10-04-2022Volleyballvs Lakeview
09-30-2022Football@ Struthers
09-27-2022Volleyball@ Niles
09-26-2022Boy's Soccer@ Poland
09-23-2022Footballvs Hubbard
09-22-2022Volleyball@ South Range
09-16-2022Football@ Niles
09-15-2022Volleyballvs Girard
09-09-2022Footballvs Girard
09-06-2022Volleyballvs Sturthers
09-02-2022Football@ Edgewood
08-29-2022Girl's Soccer@ Struthers
08-26-2022Footballvs Harvey
08-25-2022Volleyball@ Poland
08-23-2022Volleyball@ Girard
08-19-2022Footballvs Grand Valley
05-18-2022Baseball@ Columbiana
05-12-2022Softballvs Lakeside
05-10-2022Baseballvs Lakeview
05-10-2022Softballvs Jefferson
05-04-2022Softballvs Lakeview
05-02-2022Baseballvs Niles
04-28-2022Baseballvs Edgewood
04-23-2022Softball@ Howland
04-13-2022Baseball@ Poland
04-12-2022Baseballvs Poland
03-30-2022Softball@ South Range
03-04-2022Boy's Basketballvs Campbell
02-28-2022Boy's Basketballvs LaBrae
02-25-2022Boy's Basketballvs Conneaut
02-16-2022Girl's Basketball@ Girard
02-08-2022Boy's Basketball@ Hubbard
02-07-2022Girl's Basketball@ South Range
02-01-2022Girl's Basketball@ Poland
01-28-2022Boy's Basketball@ Girard
01-27-2022Girl's Basketball@ Struthers
01-21-2022Boy's Basketball@ Lakeview
01-14-2022Boy's Basketball@ Poland
01-10-2022Girl's Basketballvs Lakeview
01-07-2022Boy's Basketball@ Struthers
01-03-2022Girl's Basketball@ Hubbard
12-21-2021Boy's Basketballvs Lakeview
12-16-2021Girl's Basketballvs Struthers
12-14-2021Boy's Basketball@ South Range
12-09-2021Girl's Basketball@ Girard
12-02-2021Girl's Basketball@ Lakeview
10-22-2021Footballvs Lakeview
10-15-2021Footballvs Poland
10-14-2021Volleyball@ Struthers
10-08-2021Football@ South Range
10-01-2021Footballvs Struthers
09-29-2021Girl's Soccer@ Struthers
09-24-2021Football@ Hubbard
09-20-2021Girl's Tennis@ Struthers
09-17-2021Footballvs Sharpesville
09-14-2021Volleyball@ Girard
09-10-2021Football@ Girard
09-03-2021Footballvs Edgewood
05-13-2021Softball@ Poland
05-11-2021Tennis@ Struthers
05-10-2021Baseball@ South Range
05-01-2021Softballvs Cardinal Mooney
05-01-2021Softballvs Warren Harding
04-26-2021Baseball@ Niles
04-13-2021Baseball@ Struthers
03-30-2021Baseball@ Hubbard
02-26-2021Boy's Basketball@ Waterloo
01-28-2021Girl's Basketball@ Girard
01-26-2021Boys Basketball@ Poland
01-25-2021Girl's Basketball@ Lakeview
01-15-2021Boy's Basketball@ Niles
01-11-2021Girl's Basketball@ Struthers
01-09-2021Girl's Basketball@ Hubbard
01-08-2021Boy's Basketball@ South Range
01-05-2021Boy's Basketballvs Lakeview
12-30-2020Boy's Basketball@ Struthers
12-17-2020Girl's Basketball@ South Range
12-08-2020Boy's Basketballvs Pymatuning Valley
12-07-2020Girl's Basketball@ Poland
12-03-2020Girl's Basketballvs Struthers
10-30-2020Footballvs Conneaut
10-02-2020Football@ Lakeview
10-01-2020Volleyball@ Struthers
09-25-2020Footballvs Girard
09-18-2020Footballvs South Range
09-11-2020Football@ Struthers
09-04-2020Footballvs Hubbard
08-27-2020Football@ Niles
02-18-2020Boys Basketballvs Lakeside
02-14-2020Boys Basketball@ South Range
02-04-2020Boys Basketball@ Hubbard
01-30-2020Girls Basketball@ Poland
01-24-2020Boys Basketball@ Girard
01-23-2020Girls Basketball@ Struthers
01-10-2020Boys Basketball@ Poland
01-09-2020Girls Basketball@ Jefferson
12-20-2019Boys Basketball@ Struthers
12-16-2019Girls Basketball@ Hubbard
12-05-2019Girls Basketball@ Girard
10-25-2019Football@ Girard
10-18-2019Footballvs Poland
10-11-2019Football@ South Range
10-04-2019Footballvs Struthers
09-30-2019Girl's Soccer@ Struthers
09-27-2019Football@ Hubbard
09-10-2019Volleyball@ South Range
09-03-2019Volleyball@ Struthers
05-18-2019Baseballvs South Range
05-04-2019Softballvs East Palestine
05-04-2019Softballvs Louisville
05-02-2019Softballvs Warren Harding (MVIT)
02-22-2019Boys Basketball@ Niles
02-14-2019Girls Basketballvs Poland
02-11-2019Wrestlingvs Grand Valley/Edgewood
02-08-2019Boys Basketball@ Poland
02-07-2019Girls Basketball@ South Range
02-05-2019Boys Basketballvs Hubbard
02-01-2019Boys Basketball@ Struthers
01-28-2019Girls Basketball@ Hubbard
01-25-2019Boys Basketballvs Girard
01-24-2019Girls Basketballvs Struthers
01-18-2019Boys Basketball@ South Range
01-17-2019Girls Basketball@ Girard
01-15-2019Boys Basketballvs Lakeview
01-11-2019Boys Basketballvs Poland
01-09-2019Girls Basketball@ South Range
01-08-2019Boys Basketball@ Hubbard
12-29-2018WrestlingNortheast 8 Duals
12-20-2018Girls Basketball@ Poland
12-17-2018Girls Basketballvs Hubbard
12-14-2018Boys Basketball@ Girard
12-13-2018Girls Basketball@ Struthers
12-10-2018Girls Basketball@ Niles