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WARREN OH-  The Warren JFK Eagles are a team that you cannot help but look at going into the 2022 baseball season. Having their ups and downs early on, The Eagles battled some tough competition, won a few, took a couple on the chin and dodged a bunch of rain. However, by mid-season, The Eagles started to look like the tem that walked off the field of Akron Canal Park just a year ago. Having won the 2021 State Championship brings added pressure to JFK, knowing they are the team everyone wants to beat.  One of the stars for this squad has been none other than Michael Mauro. The senior that Kennedy fans have witnessed, time after time, come up in the clutch. Dating back to the big hits he had in Canal Park during The State Final Four.

With his production in the big moment, he has been coined the nickname “iceman” and with good reason! Showcasing that composure once again in The 2022 District Championship game at Bob Cene Park.  In a tie ballgame against Lake Center Christian, Mauro delivered the hit that would score Gavin Shrum and send The Eagles back to Regionals.  All these accomplishments have also earned Michael the 2022 YSN Offensive Player of the Year for his incredible season with a bat.  The iceman nickname fits Mauro and he carries it with him everywhere in his day-to-day life. Coming up clutch in the classroom as well, Mauro sports a 4.5 GPA academically, a feat that displays to everyone when they look at Mauro just the type of person and player he is.  As Mauro closes the book on his high school career, he looks ahead as an appointed Cadet for The United States Military at West Point, where he will have an invitation to play baseball. A true honor for The Kennedy senior.

As the future is bright after high school for Mauro, there is still a job to do while dawning The Kennedy uniforms. JFK will be in action against Jeromesville Hillsdale on Thursday, June 2nd in a Regional Semi-Final matchup.  This is an interview you WILL NOT want to miss! As Anthony and Ty get a chance to talk about future goals while reflecting on the past with Michael Mauro. EXCLUSIVELY on YSN!

*Contributed By YSN’s Ty Bartell

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WARREN, OH- They call this “second season” at JFK.  It’s the playoffs, and for this flock of Eagles, it means business trips every Saturday with every week being a new opportunity to put their signature on history.

2016 marks the last time that Warren John F. Kennedy won a state title in football.  An accomplishment that escaped them by only a single game last season, and now the Birds of Prey are circling back around this season- and we might add that they’re looking (somehow) stronger than they were last season.

Is it the offseason program?

Is it a chip on their shoulder?

Could it be the confidence of a state baseball championship?

We sat down with one of the undeniable leaders of this years team, Michael Mauro, as he explains the differences between one year and the next.  The “Ice Man” also discusses what drives this particular team each week, and uncovers a bit about what it’s like to play like it’s his last down each time they take the field.

We also talk to him about his sister Izzy’s success on the volleyball court, and does Michael heat up the kitchen as a special talent?

Find out on this Player Profile of Warren JFK: Like There’s No To-Mauro.


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WARREN, OH- He’s one of the many features of the future for Coach Bayuk and the Eagles, and he’s earned a starting spot in the high-octane offense that is Warren JFK.

When senior Christian Marantis was out with an injury, Coach Bayuk gave a QB by Committee look to the opponents with one being Cam Hollobaugh, and the other being a sophomore standout, Mike “The Iceman” Mauro.

Mauro like many on the roster is a variable that the coaching staff can count on to fill in at several different positions and stay confident that wherever he’s placed, he’ll be an impact player.  Mauro is a nightmare for the opposition both on and off the field.  The Iceman gives coaches fits with his ability to be all over the field and Hemi-like motor that never stops.  Meanwhile, defenders are left laying in wonder when Mauro totes the rock- an up-back with a thunder-like momentum that makes defenses quiver.  Literally, there was a play this year that Mauro practically ran through his jersey and has since forced the semi-retirement of his home “16” uniform in the place of his injured teammate’s number 22 (which is a cool story in its own right.)

We were able to do what many can’t, and that is contain Mauro for a few minutes.  For this week’s Warren JFK Player Profile we give you: TO MAURO’S FORECAST; THUNDER AND ICE.