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EAST LIVERPOOL, OH- Beaver Local Senior, Michael McKenzie has made an impact on every blade of grass, every splinter of flooring, every speck of dirt that he’s been able to stand on over the last few years- but all that said, it hasn’t held a candle to what he’s been able to accomplish on the airwaves.

Michael McKenzie dreamt of being a sports journalist from very early in his life, and while playing them is something that is exciting to him, it’s calling the action that has turned into his calling.

The enthusiasm McKenzie brings, combined with his knowledge, preparation, and timing has made him one of the most entertaining announcers on Your Sports Network, and he’s grown quite the following on the Network, along with the unparalleled respect of his peers of all ages.

Simply put, as he heads toward graduation day, Michael McKenzie has separated himself from average more than most 18-year-olds in their lives to this point.

YSN’s DJ Yokley sat down with one of his very own, Michael McKenzie, for this week’s Beaver Local Player Profile!




EAST LIVERPOOL, OH- For the last four years, the voice of Beaver Locals sports has been one of confidence, excitement, and professionalism.  Much like any professional team, the Beavers and their fans have benefitted from their broadcaster being a little more invested in their brand, and that’s for good reason.

In 2019, Beaver Local joined YSN as a member school, and with that came the 8th grade broadcasting prodigy, Michael McKenzie.  A young man who knew what he wanted to do since the moment he heard Pittsburgh Pirates play-by-play man Greg Brown utter “Raise the Jolly Roger.”  McKenzie’s journey with YSN has been one that’s garnered fanfare from viewers, and requests for “McNuggies” to broadcast games other than his home school.

With all of his success on the air, McKenzie has still been able to maintain a normal social life alongside playing sports throughout all seasons with the Beavers.

Michael recently started his senior campaign off with a medalist performance shooting a 39 on his home course, and leading his team to victory.

We caught up with the multi-talented teen to see what the ride has been like, and what’s in store for him in the years to come.