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CAMPBELL, OH – The Campbell Memorial Red Devils football team has athletes that are second to none all over the field, in multiple different positions, and those athletes all have different skill sets but one common goal! That goal is to win! Not only do they all want to win, they all have a unique ability to lead in different ways too! One such leader is senior Adyn Vazquez. Adyn combines a special gift of athleticism from his wideout and defensive back positions but also being a vocal leader that keeps everyone on the same page whether it’s in practice or during games. Vazquez has let his play do most of the talking this season as he has been seen in two weeks flying all over the field on defense, covering the opposition’s top wide receiver, and also making big plays catching the football or even on end arounds on offense!

For as long as everyone in the Mahoning Valley can remember the Campbell Memorial Red Devils have always had a prominent linebacker who is not afraid to get physical and play hard nosed football. This year the Red Devils have Mike Iatropoulos who has been one of the juniors who have stepped up into a leadership role for this team and has been someone who has been one of the top tacklers in both games this season! Mike not only loves hitting the opposition on defense, he enjoys being one of the lead blockers for the offensive unit too! Any chance Iatropoulos gets to hit someone, he will glady do it!

YSN’s own, Steve Leslie, was able to sit down with Adyn Vazquez and Mike Iatropoulos at Tavern 26 this week to talk about their season so far, what Adyn and Mike want to do after high school, how they want this season to go for the Red Devils, a rapid fire questionnaire where we learn more about what makes Adyn and Mike the people and players that they are today, and so much more!

Check out this exclusive dual player profiles with Campbell Memorial Red Devils football stars, Adyn Vazquez and Mike Iatropoulos on YSNLive!