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MCDONALD OH- when you talk to most varsity level athletes, they’ll tell you about all the time they’ve put in since they were little to get the varsity level they are at now. For McDonald freshman Miley Titus, she picked up volleyball in the eighth grade. Yet she has quickly climbed the ranks and become an immediate impact on the varsity team.  Her quick ride is not to say she hasn’t put in the work to get what she got. She entered club volleyball as soon as she got a love for the sport, and the exposure to top competition has done wonders to grow her skills.  Her natural athletic abilities also help. Miley is quick, and instinctive. Those are tremendous traits for a varsity level libero. Does she have room to grow? Yes. But truest us when we say, once you watch her live her energy and passion for the game, you won’t be able to wait until you see her again.

Miley took the time to sit down with YSN’s Anthony Hartwig to talk about her development to the varsity level. She also discusses the feeling of her first varsity match, what skill has been the hardest for her to grasp, and so much more. McDonald is at the top of the MVAC, make sure to get to know them with the latest McDonald Volleyball player profile, only on YSN.

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