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BOARDMAN, OH- At the heart of Mill Creek, where the lush treelines meet the meticulously manicured lawns of the golf courses, I had the pleasure of speaking with Corey Buck, the newly appointed Recreational Manager of Mill Creek MetroParks. His coming to Mill Creek is not just a fresh start for the park but a beacon of innovation for community sports leagues and recreational programs. In our engaging conversation, Buck shared insightful reflections on his new role and the exciting prospects for the community.

Corey Buck hails from Tennessee and brings with him an extensive background in sports, fitness, and recreation. His journey to Mill Creek started with personal ties, “I’m from Tennessee, lived there for 26 years. But my wife is from this area, so it’s kind of what brought us up here,” Buck shared. His passion for community service and active lifestyle is evident. He described Mill Creek as “absolutely fantastic,” lauding the park’s recreation programs and stating with enthusiasm, “our rec programs are even better.”

Stepping into his new role, Buck outlines his responsibilities, indicating, “I oversee the recreation department’s sports leagues and various different programs that happen… mainly at Wick Recreation area and also at various points throughout the park.” As someone who has been intricately involved in recreational management across different states, Buck brings a wealth of experience and a fresh perspective to his role at Mill Creek.

The spring and summer months are shaping up to be vibrant and full of activities under Buck’s management. He shared exciting details about the new initiatives, “We just kicked off this past Tuesday a women’s par three league at the Wick recreation area. We also have a kayak club which is new this summer, which is open for beginners to advanced individuals.”

Interesting to note, beyond the routine responsibilities, Buck is enormously family-oriented—a value that deeply influences his work at Mill Creek. As a loving husband and a father, his personal experiences enrich his professional role. “Fatherhood is absolutely fantastic,” he gushed, explaining how parenthood influenced his patience and understanding—qualities that surely enhance his capabilities as a community leader.
On a lighter note, Buck retains his charming southern accent, which he mentions often reminds people of his Tennessee roots. “People still say they’re like, ‘oh, yeah, you’re not from here,’” Buck chuckled, taking pride in his heritage, “I love where I’m from. I love how I was raised.”

Corey Buck is more than just the new Recreational Manager at Mill Creek; he’s a beacon of community engagement, a loving father and husband, and now, an integral part of the Mill Creek family. As he settles into his role, the community can expect a surge in spirited and inclusive recreational programming that promises to invigorate and unite.

As the landscapes of Mill Creek continue to flourish under his stewardship, we are reminded of Buck’s words, “just being active and outdoors was always something that I loved.” It is this passion that is likely to transform Mill Creek into a dynamic hub for recreation and community bonding in the coming months.



BOARDMAN, OH- In a fascinating conversation on the YSN Power Hour podcast, Brian Tolnar, a key figure in the golf industry, shared his thoughts and experiences, perfectly capturing the current boom the sport is experiencing. As golf continues to witness remarkable growth across different demographics and regions, Tolnar’s insights help underscore why this age-old game is attracting more attention now than ever before.

According to Tolnar, golf has enjoyed a significant resurgence in popularity, echoing the Tiger Woods boom of the late 90s but with a modern twist. “We had that huge boom when Tiger came into the game, and we’ve had that again with COVID, and it still continues to keep on growing,” he explained. Recent statistics have been promising, “post COVID, we increased the game between 19 and 28% somewhere in there. And then I just read another article that said it’s between 31 and 34%.”

One of the more heartening aspects of the sport’s recent growth is its reach into previously underrepresented groups. “Not only is it growing, but it’s growing in females that are playing the game. It’s growing in kids that are playing the game. It’s growing in families that are playing the game,” Tolnar noted. This diversification is crucial for the sport’s sustainability and growth, offering a fresh perspective and newfound enthusiasm.

Tolnar also highlighted the strategic role of various programs initiated by golf’s governing bodies, like the PGA of America and the USGA. These initiatives are bearing fruit, significantly contributing to the game’s growth, “You’ve got drive, chip, and putt. You’ve got PGA hope. You’ve got PGA family Cup. You’ve got US kids golf.” These programs not only promote the game but also ensure it’s accessible and enjoyable for the community at large.

Speaking about the profound impact of iconic golf events, particularly the Masters, Tolnar shared his personal experience watching his son compete in the Drive, Chip, and Putt competition at Augusta. “From the moment we landed at the Augusta airport…to the moment you got on the grounds…it’s a special place,” he reminisced. The immaculate venue and the warm reception from the crowd left a lasting impression, enhancing the familial and communal spirit of the sport.
**On the Horizon: New Tournaments and Opportunities**

Looking ahead, Tolnar is excited about the new dimensions being added to local tournaments, such as the junior junior tournament designed to be less stressful and more enjoyable for young participants. He elaborated on the integration of technology in these events, aspiring to broadcast them like professional games, “We’re going to host two of them during that week…we’re going to do that this summer.

Brian Tolnar’s vision for golf is both inclusive and forward-thinking. His leadership at Mill Creek Golf Course and his advocacy for the sport’s development are testaments to his passion and dedication. As he aptly puts it, “You have to adjust, adapt, and evolve.” And under his stewardship, golf indeed seems to be doing just that, embracing new challenges and opportunities in a rapidly changing world.

Whether you are a seasoned golfer or a newcomer to the greens, Tolnar’s insights not only demonstrate the evolving nature of golf but also its enduring appeal in a world that values tradition and innovation in equal measure.



BOARDMAN, OH- The Mill Creek golf community celebrated the grand opening of its highly anticipated golf simulator facility, a project culminating from a ten-year capital improvement strategy. Golf Director Brian Tolnar and local sports streaming personality DJ Yokley co-hosted an engaging episode of the “YSN Power Hour” to discuss the innovative features and promising future of the new establishment.
The modern facility, initially delayed by the pandemic and soaring construction costs, promises golf enthusiasts a year-round golfing experience—augmented with winter activities such as cross-country skiing and snowshoeing, alongside gourmet dining.

“We’ve transformed what was once an underutilized space into a vibrant profit center,” said Brian Tolnar, detailing the journey from concept to completion through collaborative efforts with architects and building professionals.

This state-of-the-art simulator not only allows players to simulate some of the world’s most iconic golf courses but also provides detailed data analytics and video capabilities, leveraging TrackMan simulator technology.

“With these simulators, your performance is right there in the numbers—it’s precise, it can be a bit humbling, but it really shows you where your game is at,” shared Tolnar with host DJ Yokley, who expressed his own fascination with the technology’s educational benefits.

The facility’s popularity isn’t just in its golfing but in the inclusivity of the sporting environment. “It’s a pressure-free zone where anyone from seasoned players to first-timers can enjoy themselves,” Yokley remarked.
Tolnar, commenting on the professional golf landscape, predicted an uncertain but compelling future with possible shifts in televised golf if major tours consider merging, reflecting rising competition and changing player loyalty.
Between the diverse recreation opportunities at Mill Creek Metro Parks and the state-of-the-art facilities such as the golf simulator, the local area is solidifying its position as a regional hub for sports and leisure.

For those interested in reserving time at the new simulators, bookings are available by calling the golf shop or visiting the Mill Creek Metro Parks website. Whether you’re looking to hit the links virtually or simply enjoy a good meal and the great outdoors, Mill Creek’s latest addition is a hole-in-one for the community.

Find more sports stories and episodes of the “YSN Power Hour” at ysnlive.com.


YOUNGSTOWN, OH- The following are the results from the 1st Annual Mill Creek MetroParks Junior-Junior Championship that was held at Mill Creek Golf Course (North Course) on Wednesday, July 19, 2023.  Below are the results:

GIRLS 10-12

Olivia Kempe & Payton Papuga

Score: 46

GIRLS 13-15

Natalie Sawicki & Grace Carrier

Score: 75

GIRLS 16-19

Shaylee Muckleroy & Matilyn Zines

Score: 64

BOY’S 8-9

Barden Rutherford & Preston Tolnar

Score: 33

BOY’S 10-12

Peyton McCune & Luke Conroy

Score: 37

BOY’S 13-15

Chase Zelesnak & Luke DeJoseph

Score: 76

BOY’S 16-19

Garrett Dillon & Zoe Mort

Score: 64


YOUNGSTOWN, OH- Each week, Mill Creek MetroParks Golf Expert, Brian Tolnar brings you tips to up your game on the links.

This week, Brian digs into his bag to discuss the art of hybrid clubs, and when, where, and how you should use them on the course!

Sharpen your pencil, and jot down some notes to help your game the next time you’re chasing the white ball around.



BOARDMAN, OH- It’s time to get back out on the links, and this year YSN has partnered up with our golf guru, Brian Tolnar of Mill Creek Golf Course to give you tips to lower your score this summer!

The first lesson Brian covers is what grip you need to have before you take your first swing.


10 Finger Baseball Grip

Interlocking Grip (Tiger Woods)

Overlap Grip (Jack Nicklaus)


So grab your clubs, get your grips and get out to the links to try out this new tip!


For more tips and to get personalized instruction call Brian Tolnar at 330-740-7112, or visit millcreekmetroparks.org.