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CANFIELD, OH- South Range’s baseball team has long been a force to reckon with in high school sports, and Coach Jim Hanek is a significant reason why. With the 2024 season well underway, Coach Hanek shared his thoughts on what constitutes a successful season, the development of young talents, and his coaching philosophy on the first episode of SOUTH RANGE BASEBALL COACH’S CORNER with DJ Yokley.

For Coach Hanek, the team’s recent trip to Myrtle Beach wasn’t merely about wins and losses, though they returned with an impressive 4-1 record. He elaborated, “Wins and losses, yes. I mean, it’s… Those are important, but… the team building, the camaraderie that you get from a trip like that… it just really brings the team closer together.” The importance of team cohesion can often be undervalued, but for teams aiming for the top, it’s clear that Hanek considers it essential.

Fostering a winning culture isn’t just about celebrating victories on the field—it’s also about appreciating the lighter moments. Coach Hanek described the team’s traditional Rios night vividly, recounting moments of lighthearted competition: “There were a few kids that… tried to out eat each other. It didn’t end very well late in the evening,” he chuckled, noting even he had to pass up dessert to focus on the “main course” of the night.

When asked about cultivating standout players like senior Tyler Wardle, Coach Hanek’s pride was evident. “He’s worked hard. I mean, he continues to work hard… and I think he’s a, he’s strong in his faith, you know? And I admire him for the fact… I think that strong faith base he has… that calms him,” he shared, stressing the significance of personal development alongside athletic prowess. For Hanek, inspiring athletes to be well rounded, responsible adults is a key aspect of his coaching duties.

Coach Hanek is also known for his analytical approach to the game, digging deep into data to make informed decisions. Yet he acknowledges the role of intuition. “A lot of… in-game decisions… you just kind of see how the game’s evolving… it’s a mix,” Hanek explained. There’s a dance between following the statistics and trusting one’s instincts that Hanek seems to have mastered over his coaching tenure.

Reflecting on the pressures of winning state championships, Coach Hanek offered perspective: “I think if you’re judged solely on that and you’re looking at that as the ultimate goal and nothing else matters, I think you’re missing a lot.” He emphasized the journey over the destination, the growth of players over wins, and the broader impact a coach can have on young lives.

As South Range’s baseball season progresses, the community will be watching Coach Jim Hanek, not just for his strategic play-calling but for the way he continues to mold a group of young athletes into a tight-knit team poised for success both on and off the diamond. His depth of experience, blended with his thoughtful approach to coaching, makes each game a learning opportunity for his players and a master class for everyone watching. Keep an eye on the Raiders this season as they implement the lessons from Myrtle Beach under the steady guidance of a coach who truly understands the heart of baseball.




Photo Credit: JJ Pawlowski

Myrtle Beach, SC- Looking to shake off a shakey start to their first ever Myrtle Beach baseball trip, The St. John Heralds found success on the diamond, securing a solid 5-2 victory over the Abbeville Panthers (SC) this past Sunday.

Despite Abbeville’s early push, with Grady Overholt’s clutch single in the first inning, the Heralds swiftly responded. An error by the Abbeville Varsity Panthers allowed St. John to level the score at one apiece in the bottom of the second inning.

The momentum swung firmly in St. John’s favor in the third inning, as Ryan Williams and Aaron Wychock each delivered sacrifice flies, propelling the Heralds into a lead they wouldn’t relinquish.

Will Anderson led the charge on the mound for St. John, showcasing resilience through five innings of work, allowing only two runs on five hits while striking out four. Williams provided reliable relief pitching, shutting down Abbeville’s offense with two innings of scoreless ball.

Offensively, Ezra Campbell, Kyle Hejduk, and Anderson contributed hits for the Heralds, while Wychock, Williams, and Anderson each drove in a run. Brady Cole’s speed on the basepaths was evident, swiping two bases, contributing to the team’s collective five stolen bases. Notably, the Heralds’ defense remained sharp, committing no errors throughout the game, with Williams making six key defensive plays.

For Abbeville, players like Easton Townsend, Lohen Nickles, and Dayne Botts notched hits, while Overholt and Thomas Booth drove in runs.

Looking ahead, the St. John Heralds will carry this victory’s momentum into their next matchup at home against Lordstown on Tuesday, aiming to continue their winning streak on familiar turf.


Myrtle Beach, SC- The St. John Heralds faced a tough challenge against the West Canada Valley Nighthawks, ultimately falling short with a score of 5-3 this past Saturday. The Nighthawks took an early lead in the bottom of the first inning, capitalizing on two fielder’s choices to get on the scoreboard. Despite St. John’s efforts, West Canada Valley continued to build their lead with another run in the second inning, courtesy of a solid single by Burdick.

St. John’s Varsity Heralds showed resilience, clawing back to tie the game at three in the top of the sixth inning. However, West Canada Valley surged ahead once again in the bottom of the sixth, fueled by doubles from Burdick and Farber, ultimately securing the victory with a 5-3 lead.

Pitching proved crucial for both teams, with Aaron Wychock stepping up for St. John with an impressive relief performance, while Bryson Vennitti took the mound initially, battling through a challenging outing. West Canada Valley’s Farber put up a strong start, holding St. John’s offense in check for five innings.

Offensively, Vennitti contributed at the plate with one RBI, while players like Kyle Hejduk and Ryan Williams chipped in with hits for the Heralds. Defensively, Anthony Severino stood out with eight key plays for St. John.

On the Nighthawks’ side, Burdick led the charge with a 2-for-3 performance at bat, driving in two crucial runs, while Stewart demonstrated patience at the plate, drawing three walks. Overall, West Canada Valley displayed disciplined plate discipline, drawing a total of nine walks throughout the game.

Though the outcome wasn’t in their favor, the St. John Heralds showcased determination and talent, looking ahead to future opportunities to bounce back on the diamond. The Heralds will play their final game of the Myrtle Beach trip on Sunday against the Abbeville Panthers (SC) on the Polo Grounds at the Ripken Experience  in South Carolina.




MYRTLE BEACH, SC- In a tightly contested matchup on Friday, both Canfield Cardinals and Georgetown showcased their pitching prowess, but it was Georgetown who edged out a narrow 2-1 victory over the Cardinals.

Michael Patellis took the mound for Canfield and delivered an impressive performance, recording a total of 18 outs. His strong pitching kept the Georgetown batters at bay for much of the game, showcasing his skill and determination on the bump.

Despite falling behind, Canfield remained resilient throughout the game, staying right in the thick of the action until Georgetown broke the tie with a crucial single in the sixth inning.

The Cardinals got off to a strong start, taking an early lead in the second inning when Jake Dovich executed a sacrifice bunt that brought in a run, putting Canfield ahead on the scoreboard.

However, a defensive error in the fifth inning allowed Georgetown to knot the game at one apiece, setting the stage for a tense battle in the later innings.

Chappell Miller earned the win for Georgetown with a stellar pitching performance, allowing just one hit and one run over seven innings while striking out six batters and issuing only one walk. Despite the loss, Patellis showcased his pitching prowess for Canfield, surrendering two runs (zero earned) on four hits over six innings of work.

Offensively, Dovich led the charge for Canfield with a crucial RBI, while David Murphy contributed with one hit in three at-bats, keeping the Cardinals’ hopes alive in the game.

Georgetown’s depth was on full display, with the number eight hitter, Adams, leading the team with two hits in three at-bats. The team’s sure-handedness in the field and error-free performance played a crucial role in securing the victory, with Adams making several key plays at six.

Despite the tough loss, Canfield Varsity Cardinals displayed grit and determination throughout the game, showcasing their resilience against a tough opponent. The Cards will look to bounce back as they prepare to face Boardman on Monday.


Myrtle Beach, SC- In a commanding display of offensive prowess, the Harbor Creek Huskies (WV) triumphed over the St. John Heralds with a resounding 15-0 victory at Griffith Field in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. The game, held on Friday, saw the Huskies dominate, especially highlighted by their explosive 11-run third inning.

Harbor Creek seized the lead in the top of the third inning, with a series of well-executed plays. Sam LaFuria ignited the scoring with a crucial single, driving in a run. Aidan Vaughn followed suit, getting hit by a pitch and bringing in another run. Preston Lanagan drew a walk, contributing to the run tally, as did Parker Irwin and Jake Rocky with their respective walks. Caden Folmar and Tyler Burick added to the onslaught with key hits, while additional runs were plated through a combination of groundouts and sacrifice flies. The Huskies exhibited patience at the plate, drawing nine walks throughout the game, further fueling their offensive onslaught.

On the defensive side, Harbor Creek showcased their prowess by maintaining a flawless fielding performance, committing zero errors. Pitcher Sam LaFuria anchored the defense, pitching four solid innings, allowing no runs and striking out five batters. Their dominance extended to the plate as well, with Burick leading the charge with three runs batted in, going a perfect 3-for-3 on the day.

Despite their efforts, St. John struggled to gain momentum against the relentless Harbor Creek offense and stout defense. Starting pitcher Brady Cole faced a tough outing, conceding six runs over two innings. St. John’s offense managed only two hits throughout the game, with AJ Henslee and Bryson Vennitti each contributing one hit.

With this victory, Harbor Creek Huskies showcased their strength and cohesion, asserting themselves as a force to be reckoned with in the competition. St. John Heralds will regroup and aim for a better outcome in their upcoming matchup against West Canada Valley on Saturday.


MYRTLE BEACH, SC- South Range let the fireworks fly in their final contest at the beach on Friday in n a dominant display of offense and pitching excellence, the Raiders cruised to a commanding 10-0 victory over St. Johns on Friday at Grant Park, thanks in large part to the stellar performance of Tyson Tarajack.

Tarajack was the catalyst for the Raiders’ success, driving in an impressive four runs on two hits throughout the game. His standout moment came in the second inning when he blasted a towering home run to right field, bringing in three runs and setting the tone for the rest of the game. In the fourth inning, Tarajack continued his offensive onslaught with a clutch RBI single, further extending the Raiders’ lead.

On the mound, Logan Baxter delivered a masterful performance, striking out 11 batters while keeping the St. Johns offense at bay. Baxter’s dominance was evident as he surrendered just six hits and no runs over five innings, showcasing his command and control on the mound.

South Range wasted no time asserting their dominance, piling on runs early in the game. Dylan Smesko started the scoring with a sacrifice fly in the second inning, followed by RBI hits from Gaven Nagy and Tarajack. The Raiders’ explosive offense proved too much for St. Johns to handle, as they struggled to contain South Range’s relentless attack.

Despite a valiant effort from St. Johs’s starting pitcher, Ryan Williams, the Raiders’ potent lineup proved to be too much to handle. Williams endured a tough outing, giving up six runs on three hits over two innings, ultimately taking the loss..

Offensively, the Raiders were firing on all cylinders, amassing 10 hits throughout the game. Tyler Wardle, Tarajack, and Nagy led the charge with two hits each, while Wardle also displayed patience at the plate, drawing two walks to keep the pressure on the St. Johns pitching staff.

Defensively, South Range was impeccable, committing no errors in the field, with Will Gehring leading the charge with 11 chances. Their sure-handedness and defensive prowess played a crucial role in preserving Baxter’s shutout performance on the mound.

For the Heralds, Ezra Campbell and Ryan Willians each had two hits in the contest, which accounted for four of the six total hits for St. John.

With this commanding victory under their belts, the South Range Raiders will look to carry their momentum into their next matchup as they prepare to take on Struthers on Monday. The Heralds will finish the day with Harbor Creek before taking on West Canada on Saturday.




MYRTLE BEACH, SC- In a commanding display of pitching prowess, Jayli Wilt delivered an exceptional performance in the circle, propelling the South Range Raiders to an impressive 11-0 victory over the Spring Mills Varsity Cardinals on Friday.

Wilt showcased her dominance on the mound, recording a remarkable 13 strikeouts while surrendering just one hit and no runs over five innings of play. Her precision pitching kept the Spring Mills batters guessing and provided a solid foundation for the Raiders’ triumph.

South Range wasted no time asserting their dominance, unleashing a potent offensive onslaught that saw them tally seven runs in the second inning alone. Contributions came from across the lineup, with Keira Brogan, Giada Pauline, Jayli Wilt, and Solena DeJesus all delivering key hits to ignite the Raiders’ offense.

The Raiders got off to a strong start in the first inning, with Pauline and Heidi Bartels each driving in a run to set the tone for the game.

Spring Mills struggled to contain the Raiders’ relentless attack, with pitcher Taryn Close bearing the brunt of the onslaught. Close endured a tough outing, allowing nine runs on nine hits over one and one-third innings, ultimately taking the loss for the Cardinals.

Offensively, the South Range Raiders showcased their depth and firepower, amassing an impressive 13 hits throughout the game. Anna Aey led the charge with a stellar 3-for-4 performance at the plate, while DeJesus, Pauline, and Wilt each contributed two RBIs to bolster the Raiders’ lead. Brogan also made her presence felt with two hits in three at-bats and showcased her speed on the basepaths with two stolen bases.

Defensively, the Raiders were flawless, committing no errors in the field, with Bartels leading the way with nine chances.

With this commanding victory under their belts, the Raiders are poised to carry their momentum into their next matchup as they prepare to take on Struthers on Tuesday. 


MYRTLE BEACH, SC-In a nail-biting showdown on Thursday night, both South Range Varsity Raiders and Abbeville Varsity Panthers showcased their pitching prowess, but it was the Raiders who emerged victorious with a narrow 1-0 win.

Konnor Brogan took the mound for the South Range Raiders and delivered an exceptional performance, recording an impressive 21 outs throughout the game. Despite facing tough opposition, Brogan remained composed under pressure, stifling the Panthers’ offense with his precise pitching.

The game remained deadlocked until the top of the seventh inning when Tyler Wardle came through in the clutch, smashing a crucial single that drove in the game-winning run for the Raiders, breaking the scoreless tie.

Brogan’s stellar pitching earned him the win for the South Range as he held the Panthers to just four hits and zero runs over seven innings, while striking out seven batters and issuing five walks. On the opposing side, Thomas Booth suffered the loss for the Abbeville Varsity Panthers, surrendering one run on six hits over two innings.

Hunter Overholt kicked off the game on the mound for the Panthers, delivering an impressive performance with 10 strikeouts over five innings, but ultimately falling short as the Raiders capitalized on their opportunities late in the game.

Offensively, the Raiders managed to amass nine hits, with Jake Shumate and Andrew Brian leading the charge with two hits each. Wardle’s game-winning RBI proved to be the decisive moment in the game, highlighting the Raiders’ ability to capitalize on key scoring opportunities.

Defensively, the Raiders were flawless, committing no errors in the field, with Will Gehring showcasing his defensive prowess with the most chances at eight.

South Range will wrap up their trip to the south and welcome St Johns on Friday at 1:30 on YSN.


MYRTLE BEACH, SC- In a heart-pounding matchup against Waccamaw, the Canfield Cardinals displayed unwavering determination and resilience, defying the odds to secure a thrilling 6-4 victory in Myrtle Beach on Tuesday.

Leading the charge was Michael Patellis, whose remarkable performance at the plate proved instrumental in the Cardinals’ triumph. Patellis showcased his clutch hitting, driving in four crucial runs on three hits, including a pivotal triple in the seventh inning that ignited a game-changing rally.

Despite an early setback as Waccamaw took the lead, the Cardinals remained undeterred, rallying back to tie the game in the third inning, courtesy of Patellis’ timely single. Waccamaw maintained their advantage, capitalizing on an error to extend their lead to 2-1.

However, the Cardinals refused to back down. In a dramatic turn of events in the seventh inning, the Cardinals staged a remarkable comeback, erupting for five runs on three hits to seize control of the game. Patellis once again delivered in the clutch, delivering the decisive blow with his triple that drove in three runs, propelling the Cardinals to a 6-4 lead.

On the mound, Sean Harrington emerged as a hero for the Cardinals, earning the win with a stellar relief performance, while Patellis secured the save to seal the victory.

Despite facing adversity, the Cardinals showcased their grit and determination, refusing to succumb to the pressure. Zain Jadallah also contributed with two hits for the Cardinals, providing crucial support at the plate.

Although Waccamaw put up a strong fight, the Cardinals’ resilience proved too much to overcome. Kerns, Barnett, and Mabus led the offensive charge for Waccamaw, but it was not enough to halt the Cardinals’ momentum.

With this hard-fought victory under their belts, the Canfield Cardinals continue to defy the odds, ready to take on their next challenge as they travel to University for their upcoming game on Wednesday. In the face of adversity, the Cardinals stand united, determined to overcome any obstacle in their path and emerge victorious.


MYRTLE BEACH, SC- In a double-header showdown on Tuesday, the South RangeRaiders split their games, showcasing their resilience and competitive spirit.

In the first game, Tyson Tarajack led the charge on the mound for the Raiders, securing the win with an impressive performance. The right-handed pitcher held Floyd Central to just two hits and zero runs over five innings, striking out seven batters while walking two. Grant Jenkins suffered the loss for Floyd Central, allowing two runs (none earned) on three hits in one-third of an inning. Jace Martin started the game for Floyd Central, yielding eight hits and 10 runs (five earned) over three and two-thirds innings.

The Raiders’ offense came alive, amassing a total of 15 hits in the game. Gehring and Brian were standout performers, each collecting three hits. Gehring, batting eighth, led the charge with four runs batted in, going 3-for-4 at the plate. Wardle and Nagy also contributed with multiple hits. Wardle and Tranovich showcased their speed on the bases, stealing multiple bases to help the Raiders secure six stolen bases overall. Defensively, the Raiders were flawless, committing zero errors, with Gehring making the most plays with eight.

However, in the second game against Wilson, the Raiders couldn’t maintain their momentum, falling short with an 8-0 defeat. Wilson took an early lead in the first inning, capitalizing on hits by Clark Kenny, Hayden Mims, Ben Reynolds, and Jones Deschamps to put runs on the board.

Despite a valiant effort on the mound by Shaun Updegraff and Jake Shumate, the Raiders couldn’t contain Wilson’s offense. Updegraff took the loss, surrendering four runs on seven hits over three innings, while Shumate pitched four innings in relief, conceding three hits and four runs.

Offensively, Brennen Klasovsky led the Raiders with a 3-for-3 performance at the plate. Defensively, the Raiders remained solid, committing no errors, with Will Gehring making key plays with five chances.

Wilson’s offense proved too formidable, tallying 10 hits in the game, with Mims leading the charge with two RBIs. Kenny, Deschamps, and Mims each collected two hits, while Kenny also stole two bases.

Despite the setback, the Raiders remain determined as they look ahead to their next challenge against Abbeville Varsity Panthers on Thursday.