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YOUNGSTOWN, OH- Mooney High School’s celebrated multi-sport athlete, Nick Pregibon, shares his thoughts on his sporting career and future aspirations in a candid interview with YSN host DJ Yokley.
In the interview, Pregibon reflected on his favorite sport, soccer, emphasizing the sense of freedom and teamwork it provides. He expressed an interest in exploring new athletic opportunities, mentioning the possibility of trying out lacrosse or track in his senior year. Pregibon’s potential move to lacrosse was met with enthusiasm, acknowledging the potential for success with a strong team dynamic.

Pregibon attributed much of his success to the tight-knit community and family atmosphere at Mooney, emphasizing how the shared camaraderie and trust among teammates have contributed to their achievements. His pride in the numerous accolades, including varsity letters and championship banners, highlighted the dedication and hard work he demonstrates on and off the field.

When discussing his post-high school plans, Pregibon revealed his intention to pursue electrical engineering, citing the job’s versatility and high demand as driving factors. Additionally, he shared admiration for his family’s support and expressed a desire to embody his parents’ best qualities, recognizing his mother’s kindness and his father’s strong work ethic as traits he strives to emulate.
Acknowledging his sister’s kindness and determination, Pregibon paid homage to her contributions, emphasizing her hardworking nature and academic commitment, while expressing pride in her achievements.

With a promising future ahead, Pregibon’s determination, humility, and athletic prowess make him a beacon of inspiration for his peers at Mooney High School and the wider community.
The YSN interview provided an insightful portrayal of a young athlete with a bright future, embodying the values of sportsmanship, dedication, and family support. As Nick Pregibon continues to carve his path, his impact on and off the field is sure to inspire and motivate those around him.



YOUNGSTOWN, OH- Three sport athlete at Cardinal Mooney High School Nick Pregibon joined DJ Yokley and Steve Leslie at The Sports Grille in Cranberry. Pregibon plays soccer, basketball and is the kicker for Cardinal Mooney. Pregibon has had an extremely busy fall season, playing 13 weeks in football as the Cardinals were able to make it to the regional semifinal before falling to number one seeded South Range Raiders.

Pregibon and the soccer team also made an incredible run winning the district and the regional final to advance to the state semifinal. The Cardinals dropped a 1-nil decision to Ottawa Hills in the semifinal round. Nick was a key contributer to the Cardinals offense, scoring 15 goals and four assists. The Cardinals finished with a record of 17-4-1 throughout the amazing 2022 season.

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