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When you think of what you want in a basketball player, consistency and a leader usually come to mind. Junior, Ryan “Peanut” McCullough, is one of those players for the Lisbon Blue Devils, as he has not missed a single game in his three years as a player. Not only is Ryan a consistent player, but he is also the fuel that makes the Lisbon boys basketball team run. The confidence he has built up over the past two seasons is what makes him a true leader this year for the Blue Devils as he was named one of the team captains for the first time in his high school career. When asked what makes Peanut the player he is, his response is simply “the team around me.” Peanut is always the first person to give credit to his surrounding cast and build his teammates up before he takes the credit for himself. His playing style is identical to that as well, as he is one to get everyone involved on and off the floor as a leader and great teammate.

D.J. Yokley took some time to catch up with the junior guard this morning as they talked about his goals, what his personal multi-sport success can do on the basketball court as well as the football field, his plans for after high school, and much much more. Learn all about the man they call “Peanut” in this player profile with Lisbon Blue Devils star, Ryan McCullough!