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Luke’s story is all too familiar in America these days.  A superstar athlete with his life in front of him, after a successful college football career at Kent State University, Luke was signed as a free agent with the New Orleans Saints following the 2014 NFL Draft.  However, Luke had suffered two serious injuries in his college years to which he was prescribed opiate pain medication as he recovered.  By the time he made it to training camp, he was addicted.  Luke’s pain pill dependency eventually led him to an addiction to heroin, and it was there he met rock bottom.

Today, with more than two years sober, Luke works as an advocate in the field of addiction recovery. He travels the country speaking at schools, prisons, and community events, where he shares his inspirational story, helping those who are still struggling to find the help they so desperately need.  Luke is one of the many faces of addiction in America today. He could be your brother, your son, or your next door neighbor. The disease has left almost no one untouched. Luke is also the face of recovery. As the opioid epidemic continues to ravage the nation, it is paramount that those who are struggling see that recovery is possible. There is a way out. Luke shares his story openly in hopes of helping others.

In this edition of FCA: PRAISE UP, Tim Figley sits down with Luke to discuss his path, and how he was able to use his faith to fight back against addiction.


Check out a portion of Luke Wollet’s powerful story in the video. Then, join Luke and FCA for a great day of fun, food, fellowship and much more at our annual Golf Outing June 10, 2019 at the beautiful Youngstown Country Club.
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